Name of the photograph devices

Occasionally “The Cock” (now we will classify those who “do not know anything,” called “chicken” and “a little bit” = “grapefruit” in the article) will see a super senior certain players discuss photography. Super players seem to have “flush” all concepts with all kinds of expertise can do any chicken also become dizzy. Do not worry about it, that’s one “attack” to bluff for the chickens, if you read the article below, the chicken will not be afraid anymore fox.

1. Body, lens, prime, fix, zoom

Body is simply the camera body, but once it comes to body means not including lens in it. A DSLR want to work, they must include two kinds of body and lens. Body is distinguished by the “dot” (megapixel), for example, there are only about 12 spots machine and the machine up to 60 dots. The bigger the dot shape as much detail and heavier, and as stated in article 1, the chickens have always been deceived by body newer high spots, while just 12-14 spots is sufficient for most needs their meager chicken house.

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Lens is the name of the lens, which is mounted in front of the tube body. Each camera brands spend a different kind of lens, can not share. People called the buckling, buckling Canon lens Canon spend, spend Nikon Nikon lens buckling, etc. and cloudy cloudy. There are some third-party manufacturer lens for all machine brands, we usually call that lens for, referred to from clusters for firm XXX lens. If you want to buy the lens for lens memory note what is using restraint.


Lens are classified by a concept, called focal. To explain this concept to a scholarly article over but it is not essential to the basic of chicken. When a certain fox hê up: he needs to sell 1 em Sigma 35 for Ca, it means the guy rolls’re selling a Sigma lens produced by the Canon camera body with a 35mm focal length.

About categories divided into 2 categories lens is Prime (fix) or Zoom, and also one of tilt-shift style teratogenic or baby regardless of chickens. Prime is also the VN International from it turned into a fix. If someone told me the chicken that you fix this tube, it means that chickens are 1 the lens focal length is unchanged. Conversely it told you to lend me the zoom lens, it means that the chicken must vomit it one lens can change the focal length.

2. The concept of focal

The birds can see the lens system revolves around two concepts focus and aperture, focal What is this?

Used to distinguish focal lens. For example, my friend and he or muttering in front of him I have enough style 14-35-85-200 offline, the chicken can understand that it’s a breeze of 2 is that it has a 4 lens with focal length 14mm – 35mm – 85mm – 200mm.


Ultra-wide lens (super wide) is the focal lens under 15mm, 8mm example. These lenses are often used for architectural or landscape shooting. These tubes are difficult to spend, even with professional people and often quite expensive.
16mm Lens

Wide angle lens: As the tube from 15-35mm focal length. These tubes also use landscape or street life can be added too. The advantage is cheap, compact, and can use them in many cases than the ultra-wide rows.
50mm Lens

Standard lenses: are tubes from 35-70mm focal length. These are the most common lens when purchasing a new chicken plant. Can be used for portraits, street life, it tells this spike greenery landscape pieces also. All firms have a 50mm focal length lens as the standard, quality and price are best suited to familiarize photography.
85mm Lens

Tele: telephoto pipes are tubes extending from 70 – 200mm. This is the lens for portraits, model or distant objects. The longer the pipe and remove fonts portraits as beautiful, however, should be limited to a maximum of 200m because the longer it will be difficult if the controller. 85mm lens is a lens tube in the line standard to telephoto for portraits.

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400mm Lens

Super-telephoto lenses: These lenses longer than 200mm. This type of specialized lens to capture far-off stuff and horizontal blind as wild birds or tiny things like flowers rot địt Xiu Xiu. Features of the few super telephoto restaurant is super heavy and super loud, chickens who want hands free sets should buy instead lifting, remember to lift the two sides are not offset bad engine quit aunt.
Zoom vs Lens

Zoom lenses that can change the focal length, ie instead of carrying lots of lens 1 as 14, 35, 50, 85, 200 as my friend and he is a different guy just carrying only a tube 18mm-200mm zoom. Which means that its lens can change all focal lengths from 18mm – 200 mm. The tube can change the focal length so people call it the zoom lens.

At this point, the chickens will wonder what the hell to take 4 fix the lens instead of the zoom lens like this one. Of course everything has its reasons.

Pipe fix by simple structure and easy to manufacture than the weight and quality is always better zoom. Lots of grapefruit will accept exchange the convenience of grab-quality zoom lens fix pipe. He did not talk about right or wrong here, because the lens does not choose right and wrong, only appropriate or inappropriate use demands of the grapefruit. And of course I hope the chicken after reading the basic end of the first article can be judged on their own how to shop for the most economical and reasonable.

This article was cut long should he go to bed alone, after all he will introduce the concept of chicken aperture size macro lens and sensor.

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