Another basic concepts of photography equipment (Pt2)

Hey the “chickens” ! You already have the basic knowledge about the body and the lens in my previous post, don’t you? so If you do not understand this it so let’s step and do not need to come back !, If everything is gonna be alright let’s come back here and learning about the concept of the aperture.

3. Aperture

Aperture or aperture or the aperture is one of the three most basic concepts of photography, even extremely important to take pictures delete fonts believers.

The chickens have a chance of carrying a hand lens, you will see the center of the lens has a round hole, of course, its ends are shielded by multiple layers of lenses rather gaping hole was poked fingers into where . This is the hole or export also known as the door to the light passes through a lens. According to common knowledge, the more doors to more light in. Generally what good are also brighter than before, Is it okey that?

However we reproduce symbols paradoxical style aperture to create maximum confusion for their chicken house. The bigger the hole, then export it as a small parameter, such as the largest aperture f0,95 symbols and the smallest aperture is F32. When individuals see parameters chicken like this lenses: Canon 50mm F1.8-f22, it means this is a prime lens Canon (fix) with 50mm focal length, has the largest aperture is F1.8, with apertures smallest is f22. The more open the big gate, the cost of the more expensive lenses.

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The chickens could come here more 1 difference again on the tube fix and zoom. Fix pipes can easily create or 1.2 aperture f1.4 while the biggest export was 2.8 zoom lens. This enables shooting in dark fix the tubes easily than zoom lens and the ability to delete and further background. The chickens will have the opportunity to learn about aperture and speed even further in the article about the three most important elements of photography, but for now, the basic grasp of names is okay.

4. Sensor size, fullframe, cropframe

Sensor like a film within the body. Sensor can be defined like reels of old mechanical camera, there is no need to replace the film after shooting and did not need to be scanned or coated because the sensor will turn the images obtained a digital photo.

It is classified into two main types of body based on the size of the sensor: 1 (fullframe), 1, x (cropframe). 1 standard size is taken from the standard size of 135mm film yore. Size 1, x smaller to reduce production costs, vary by manufacturers such as Nikon Canon is also the crop to crop 1.6 1.5.

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5. Fullframe vs Cropframe

This is a war lasts long form billions of years, until now, were not finished.

Fullframe by larger sensor size should better image quality, color is also likely to turn better. But that’s pulling everything as cost increases, higher application techniques, etc and clouds clouds.

Cropframe are manufactured with the sole purpose is to reduce costs and bring people closer to better photography. So if you just shoot as a hobby, then cropframe completely satisfy demand. The downside is the creaking machinery llinh more events, more pulp, short product life cycle process engineering leading to lag and confuse the buyer.

6. Macro Lens

This is a special type of lens, created with a dedicated purpose to take pictures so close. A macro lens allows the object to be pressed chicken shooting at a distance of 20 cm and gained exactly the size of the object on the sensor. There are some lenses or accessories allows reporters sizes up to 5 times or more pressed.


For ease of comparison, conventional lens allows shooting at distances as short as 60 cm in size and gained about half-size. Due to capture specialized macro lens material should have a very high sharpness, the lens often surpassed. But when used to capture it looks pretty horrible person.

Each company has an excellent macro lens and are fix pipes. The focal length of the pipe is located at about 90-105mm and aperture range f2.8-F32 around. There are several macro lenses up to 180mm – 300mm dedicated to taking jewelery and things tèo tiny atrophy.

There are some records also zoom macro symbol on the body tube. however some children this fake goods macro shooting only be the size of about 1/3 to 1/3 larger than a genuine macro lens.

Some other lenses such as tilt-shift pipe exclusively used for shooting is over, the tube effect to capture exotic effects like lens baby, tube-style ankle to take the … fish. However, in limited degree, the chicken should not learn.

Adjacent cells, so this ended up the most basic concepts required for chickens. Through to all later he would start going into the control buttons on the body / lens and its use. Do the chickens have read through the papers should begin after all the words he will use expertise in writing articles, not necessarily as the lens or the camera body again, this harm my keyboard, hehe.

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