How much enough for a camera gear?

Before entering the next part of the series on basic photography, I have a few words to share with you about the camera my first.

For the first time to learn and prepare to buy a camera, make sure they will be fascinated and bewildered to see all kinds of specifications ad with the “beauty wings” words of the manufacturer or the seller. Especially with the “rooster”, please believe me, I’m too in the past. ūüėÄ

If you want to experience the hobby photographer, you can throw few of my words in the trash. : O Experience is a solitary journey of each person and each path has its different interesting. If only want to buy the camera as a tool to record the moments of life can continue, nonetheless supports more laborious.

To start, you should buy one apparatus consists of the following:

РA body suit your budget, if you want to be filmed, the attention that select features rotating body. Body should account for about 50% Р65% of funds.

РA lens kit. Normally lens kit 18-55mm zoom lens is 1. Just enough to capture wide-angle needs. If financing can better choose better zooming range, such as 17-85mm.

– 50mm normal lens 1 / 1.8. Can be used to capture the dark, remove the relative font. 2 50mm lens kit lens and the market price of about 3-4tr hours.

РA good bag, it protects the camera of the better chicken so many times. Approximately 500k Р1 million. If you know anyone, then ask them to buy leads, avoid buying fake bags.

РA box lock&lock branch which is sold outside the supermarket. The new lens should use more moisture-proof cabinets, not the lock-lock box extra desiccant is enough.

– 2 of 8gb memory card to store the image.

– 1 set of lens cleaning cloth does not include some fiber, 1 tree lens pen, 1 dust bellows.

With what has been listed above, it is enough, for example, you have $ 700 or more, you may be allocated for the purchase of 1 body for 350 $, 2 lens with a total value of $ 300, the remaining bag and memory card is worth $ 50. All will begin to learn and practice.

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