The most important things of accessories for a new camera

The following artical is mention to six of the most important things when you buy a new camera:

1. Memory card

Currently there are two common types of memory cards are CF and SD. The cameras are used mostly common type of SD memory card. There are professional camera has 2 memory card slot, but it does not belong to the basic components. With a camera around 22mpx (22 dots) the memory card you can buy around 16gb. Buy 2 small capacity memory cards (8gb) although more expensive than one large-capacity card (16gb) but the ability to save images when the problem will be easier.

2. Camera Bags

This is extremely important things. He reminded the nth time is extremely important. You spend 10 million to buy the camera, at least 1 million to buy should take handbags. Just imagine spending fake goods, and the cord while shooting, the camera 10 million will be in close contact with the ground and pools 1 numbers.

A good bag is resistant to shock, waterproof (less) than a normal handbag lot. the bag you should choose depending on the needs and size of the camera + lens. Popular is the handbag contains 1 body + 2 short lens. The brand’s familiar with VN: Vanguard, Benro, Thinktank, Lowepro for those who prefer a serious row. Billingham, Driffwood, National Geographic for someone like dust.

Lowepro, Vanguard are or were falsified by your neighbor, you should choose carefully where to buy. A common characteristic of genuine bags are certainly baffle plate, not drop fur, hard edges and are not tucked connection only. Logo and small details like zippers exquisitely designed, not peeling paint.

3. Tripod

Tripods are things that need to have with you like taking pictures of landscapes and architecture. At least one should buy the tripod pocket or holster is on the backpack when traveling. No need to buy the professional, from 800 thousand – 1 million 4 is enough to buy one of the tripod luonmg acceptable.

The popular brand in VN is Benro, Silk, VELBON, Mephoto, Victory.

4. The hygiene camera and lens

Usually have 1 sheepskins wipe lens, dust bellows 1, 1 lens pen and some female plants swab (very useless). Absolutely not wipe the sensor itself alone when no experience if you do not want to go the warranty. Everything can wipe the rims front and rear lenses, filters. Mop in a circle from the inside out after blowing tube briefly. Accidentally scratch the ball okay too well not to twist, so that images are not lost as elegantly.

To clean the sensor may face upside-down camera after removing the lens, then using a blower to dust breathed out.

A basic hygiene very cheap price, about 200 thousand.

5. Filter Protection

People spend less professional protective filter that filters the professional user. But you do not need amateur, expensive useless. Just ask one of the most basic filter UV filter is. Price range for hundreds of thousands, according to shape prices are easy to find in VN brand: BW, Hoya, Marumi, …

Filter classified by size rim lenses, the lens you look at what their fees are buying the correct size filter it. For example Φ58

6. Wireless Remote

This can also, without also okay. However one likes to take a selfie photography or landscape should be combined with a tripod to play. Wireless Remote over million price range, can purchase genuine or third parties are not very important.

Six dishes would cost you reach 3 million refilled, so when they need to buy new cameras destined for shopping, or your legs are dishes that they can spend. And how best to tap from seller promotion machine, should focus filter hose or remote, should not shower because the majority of bags are given phony bags.

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