Things to note for those who started taking pictures

1. Memory card: photography bad will not find humiliating, most humiliating camera is worn outside the body, but finally had to take the phone out to take pictures. Similarly like batteries.

2. Check mode. Forgettable stuff that’s WB. The second is ISO. The third is the image format as well as the fourth is metering modes. From 3 onwards it belonged to a professional field, Do not worry about this problem because there are so many people still do not know much more than you!

3. You should buy a good camera bag. Assuming the camera of billions VND worth of you, but actually only 20 million VND, then the money of 1 million VND to buy handbags with good shock resistance and good water resistance it only takes 5 % of the game. However, on a fine day that the grapefruit will discover the 5% that it saved the life of the grapefruit, grapefruit à camera of. For instance: sudden rain, broken strap bag, house fires, snowstorms, zombie catastrophe, hun Earth asteroid.

4. Take pictures in no hurry to be anywhere. The ideal time is 15 minutes, the rest of 5m. Within 5m that if you feel good, it can proceed to remove the corrupt files and checks need not capture tray. Stylistically, it just let it sit and watch the sky and take a smoke !, anyway memory card prices are cheaper now also the free use photoshop. Most importantly, the continuous shooting our noses touching the LCD screen as oily and very easy to forget the most is actually what you’re shooting. From expert called entrained opponent’s gameplay. : d

Especially the first grapefruit sample taken. It’s just nice girl, is not it what the grapefruit guilty shoot it like submachine’s 300 members, even infinite ammo cheat.

5. Chat. Of course, telling people to be taken rather than self muttered to himself. If people are taking is to say, the more beautiful girl. When it comes to attention to say clearly, concise, coherent, splutter smart people thought it was cursed. Key words like beautiful, pretty, too right, dazzling, amazing are words that bring magical powers, effective mental reassure both sides, if both are chickens. Formula keywords for easy Grapefruit newbie this: Great, lift the chin up, all right, so beautiful, left side scooped a refugee, my gosh.

Grapefruit experienced too can pretend to swearing: đệt this beautiful star, MOA, well sorry I missed you great picture mouth. Combined to make blades depending sniffed something.

Since avoid: Goods delicious. Do not swallow saliva or drooling when shooting. Food, nice shooting.

6. Take done should boast. No time showing off to obscure the enemy awareness. Just click through the crooked crooked not lose anything again break opportunity. Pictures disgusting then surreptitiously removed. The purpose of this action is not showing the true, which is to do both calmed down after a struggle. The photographer saw the photo, it is not so bad himself, who was shooting the whole time thinking himself as the scarecrow holding chilli pickle so that images are spreadable.

7. Every day it has a certain time frame to shoot for the new grapefruit playing alone. Only regular pro just taken it day and night, but because it can capture new money should it do so. Morning from 6 am to 10 am, dinner from 3 pm to 6 pm is the most beautiful. Noon the shooting is not technology that is stupid. Remove puffiness finished shooting the show always plant pomelo grapefruit.

But where samples rather have caught it whipped buffalo noon. Buffaloes soporific lunch it is.

8. The lens and camera are electronic goods. Farm vehicle was also damaged more electronics. But does not mean that every collision took it nowhere. Where the hell crystals. Note carefully bit is okay, no need to raise the raise takes inspiration egg shoot.

Be sure not to bring cameras immersed in water or bring plunder fighting guy just ran through. Eo cameras than people anywhere.

9. The lens fast and ultra-fast lens does not solve all problems no definition images. Iso is similar conclusions.

80% image blur due to camera holder position. 10% is the wrong breathing. Have tried extreme cases still do not improve, then take the machine to sit alone and play hard too because conditions ignored. Lift from f2.8 to f1.0 lens does not turn yourself into where professional immediately. Iso 3200 and iso 256 000 is similar conclusions.

Try to make sure at least two fulcrum at the elbow. Try a hand, they must have a hand raised. Try to exhale finished press machine. At press then hold your breath too not die right away.

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