The difference between hi-key and low-key in food photography

These are two major styles, which can also be said that all of the food photo, Low-key and High-key. Gypsy called Lo and Hi, a dark side represents evil and a bright side to represent the cause.


It is simply a kind of darker portions image brightness portion (70-90%) and have more contrast subjects. Some examples.

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There are some bright idea that fell down when taking a picture, it’ll Lo. This is completely wrong, down to just create bright pictures in low light only.

Photo Lo or be used to capture style impressed or classic. Is the most frequently used light light light window or horizontal. Introduction with grapefruit several photographers take pictures Lo on 500px.


Contrary to the images Lo, Hi is the photo image in color and style of bright, fresh and clean. The restaurant style you particularly like Korea this image type. The light used is usually natural light or soft light. Some examples.



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As mentioned in the article about the light, photo Hi does not mean overexposed photos. The true light shooting in any way any pictures of Human Resource is also top condition, avoid wrong color discoloration or food.

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