Focus Points In Portrait Style

In this article I will only mention the matter in case you are unfamiliar with the genre Photographic Portrait, most professionals agree that the best focus point is the eye. Whether you’re shooting with a small aperture (f / 11) with the image depth (Depth of Field) deep, the theme will be evident from the eye to other areas of the face (ears, nose, mouth). With a large aperture (f / 2.8, f / 2, f / 1.4), the focus in his eyes more and more important, because the eye is sharp (sharp), and others on the face (ears, nose, mouth) look soft Commerce (soft), the eyes would stand out by contrast.

Note in point is the focus, all the points in a plane parallel to the sensor in the camera is the sharpest. The points outside this plane by definition but acceptable (acceptable). The sharp point on the plane and the acceptance is formed so-called Depth Photo School (Depth of Field). Depth Photo School covering 1/3 points ahead acceptable definition plane AND acceptable 2/3 points behind the plane of focus. The points outside the Depth Photo School is not sharp.

In portrait photography, to determine the exact point of focus, you need to set the focus mode rather than a point to multi-point and this point should be located in the center, because the center is closer to the edge. Technical focus includes 2 steps: (1) Focus from center point (hold the trigger to lock half strokes), (2) the desired image composition and shutter. This technique only works backwards when you shoot with a large gate (f / 2.8, f / 2, f / 1.4), because too narrow Depth Photo School, you need the layout first, then roll to the eye focus point , focus and shoot. I do not apply the techniques and layout with export focus f / 2.8, but it is up to you, I am not responsible if you imitate (hmm ….)

Note when your subject is tilted to one side near the eye focus lens will make your subject look more natural.

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My photo is taken with f / 3.5


Next, I took the border of f / 11 focus on the left eye and the eye is closer to the lens.

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Next, I took in high angle (dive computer down) and focus on the left eye (closer eye lens), such as the plane of the mouth, nose, and ears will fall into the “acceptable definition” , the softer this point should highlight the model’s eyes by contrast.


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