Introduction of food photography

Food labeled as photography or still photography literally feed a theme which is “hot” recently, when the chef starts to dominate over photographers to share their images to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Even when you are a lean not have a blog specializing in food styling and photography hobbyists, sometimes you still have ulterior desire is to make people in the world born gloat with cake renovation or salad dishes you’ve done yesterday. Due to the need to improve the recess and more advanced skills, needs to show-off and crawled professional world become urgent, we invited three “shark” theme photographer specializing in real to share the tips for the world of our fuzzy chicken. They will also share about their favorite device (most exciting part of the camera part – the translator (ND)) and the favorite foods!

So the fuzzy chick applause greeted Andrew, Sabra, and Michael loud which

From today, will publish photographic series about food service. Please do note, is photographed food (food photography) and not the presentation of food (food styling). So the theme and focus of this series will be more inclined translate technical photography, lighting, while shooting tips.

1. However, the sharks were introduced.
Andrew Scrivani is a professional photographer whose works appear almost every week in The New York Times.

Blogger Michael Natkin is Herbivoracious, Self-taught photographer and has completed his first book (for the chicken does not know Herbivoracious blur, then this is a site that specializes in vegetarian recipes)

Sabra Krock is also a regular blogger and showed up on The Kitchn. As a freelances for The New York Times, has sold cookbooks so much food does not go away.

Zồi, said zậy preliminary only. Do not take a long time to enter the world people take pictures of food (Food photography) anymore

2. Pay attention to the most fat fuzzy chicken for when you want to take pictures of food
Andrew: In general, big big mistake that I often see is a bad picture about light. This is what the fuzzy chicken should pay attention when needed food photography. Extremely many wonderful dishes to be disgusted by shooting the wrong chemical light, or is too light, or too dark. You must take advantage of the strengths of light in photography, and a clear grasp of the capabilities of the device is used. Camera and lens genuine crisis is too good of course, but knowledge of the light is more important than another.

Michael: Keep the camera is stable. If you do not have both a good tripod, you should take advantage of all chairs, tables, ladders, even a bed or any object that can keep the camera does not shake. Food does not run around like a puppy, but a horror if a photograph or feed shake blur, especially with your apparatuses thousand dollars.

Find out about the techniques used machinery and related issues such as the concept of DOF (depth of field), how to make the picture clear, blur right. Usually the food photo beautiful when it’s clearly only partially and the rest sunk in “human image blur smog”. Learn how to use the white balance (WB-White Balance) of the camera or editing RAW images on the computer. It would be a very very sad day if the birthday cake white photo beautiful sad you bring overcast afternoon blue or vibrant orange sunset as deserts, only because the wrong WB.

Forget the flash toad, what’s the worst to take food is flash toad – typical villain – likely bring moderately strong light eyes just ugly thorns just for your photos.

RAW shooting whenever possible. And so shooting RAW in all circumstances to retain the details of images and provides the ability to post-photographic fat for food.

Take some pictures with a safety perspective. Height, angle of 45 °, horizontal shooting angles are safest. Once you’ve got the pictures to ensure the safety not take it again, it’s time to play with a close-up, lighting, shadows, monsters attack the picture angle showing your terror. Usually we will capture the 20-50 range for a snack plate, to be able to pick out some delicious plates.

Sabra: Lighting, lighting identify and understand the role it plays like the most important thing. If you are a “fan” of natural light, try shooting several times a day, try to capture the light angles and different directions, try the mode of the camera. Try to be able to see the impact of different types of lighting and light on your photos. There are many “tip” as diffusion – reflect light to unleash your creativity when taking pictures of food.

3. In addition to the nose pressed into the camera, the fuzzy chicken should pay attention to what.
Andrew: In addition to that camera lens (ha ha-ND). You need an in-focus lens with aperture average and good. I have a Canon 50mm tube / 2.5 macro lens and it is the most frequently used in my photographs.

Michael: The bright white or yellow reflectors. You need it to light up the dark side a little but not exaggerated when making food photography. To keep some accessories to this big place, you need a chicken dim again assist, or a stand that came with the sandwich. In cases of extreme poverty that no one wants to help you, including a leg to stand, move the machine through automatic shooting mode and keep it yourself.

When you rich. Tripod, lighting and good lens is something you need to consider. Do not waste money to buy three semi-professional map, it will make you cry. When there is money, buy real genuine map and use it for a long time.

Sabra: Tripod. You almost can not get a sharp image and grandiose in natural light, unless you are a bodybuilder. Use natural light sometimes forced us to shoot at slow speed. And food photography is a work detail, edged a vegetable stalks to the right, adjust the direction of light through the glass. You will lose if you keep the selected frames by hand and machine adjustments such details.

4. Sharks snap what food?
Andrew: Dessert. The dessert many styles, vibrant colors always make me excited when shooting. They are sexy, popular, great layout. And after the shoot, the remaining portion of food makes us happier.

Michael: I like something colorful and different shapes, such as flowers Zucchini. When you have a full plate of food brown, your job is to create and play with colors a bit to get a perfect shot shoot.

Sabra: I like all. But if I had to choose it would be cake. Pies, pies, pies. My cake, greeting you.

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