Some of extremely inspiring techniques for portrait photograph

Here are some techniques portraits extremely inspiring for the photographers and photo enthusiasts researching and perfecting the skills portrait photography. Hope you will enjoy!


If you are good at processing and image manipulation (postproduction), then use it as an advantage. Be extravagant with custom, try one of the new Photoshop tips (*) or even try to create one blended picture fancy.


If pattern, surface material occupies the majority of the subject 1 or you want to emphasize on the material surface, then the surface where 1 represents prominently and separately. Please choose background also the surface material suitable for the subject. Even you can try texturizing (do not know why more translations) for the entire image to have a stronger impact:

3. OVER Exposé

Photographing overexposed aka high-key image (roughly translated as images without contrast) makes the nice soft portrait with kind of lighting for gentle feeling. Another advantage of the image over expose the small details and the form defects are blown away, making much smoother image.

4. UNDER Exposé

Often when looking at the first picture that shadows dominate, also known as low-key images (roughly translated as strong contrast image), then naturally our eyes will be attracted by a section of the picture brighter brother. This trend gives us one picture looks rough and sturdy than the high-key photos.


1 hair will light up when it’s a mesmerizing backlit shooting, so if the majority of the hair, then let’s do it the subject stand out by placing the subject between you and one light source. You can also apply this technique is higher than 1 bit to create shape silhouette images (picture the subject is backlit with shadow):

6. Posing

Try to create a pose with one wildly location – will be more unique than if it is 1 posture pose difficult, uncomfortable for the sample. And not only pose sample creates a unique way that people themselves must also know the selected shooting position, fancy shooting angle to be able to make up the portrait caused dramatic and unusual.


Pictures showing the local culture – what seems mundane, normal for you, but could well be a very unusual thing for viewers. Culture is everywhere, even in the neighborhood you live in. Just imagine that you come from one country, you’ll see what’s around you more enjoyable.

8. Reflections

Make use of different surfaces to create the special aspects of the photo. Mirrors, windows, water … the surfaces reflect light very well and every material give us different results 1, 1 various surface forms.


Another way to portrait photography is to make dramatic shadows become one important part of the picture. Sometimes shadows can be made more prominent actors that make up the shadows.


There are no rules against the photographer cropped faces away form the majority. This makes me more attracted by what was left in the frame

11. (UN) FOCUS

Sometimes out focus on the more interesting the subject is correct focus (somewhat ridiculous to hear today: D: 7). It’s like adding some element of mystery to the image because sometimes you can not know exactly who the person is who


Using movement to express the dynamism of the picture, maybe even the whole subject is completely blurred. In this case, ignore the real subject and thinking of creating one new actors through the motions of old subjects.


Catch the moment when someone is doing something they love, even if it is not performed. Street photography is one of my favorite genres because this category captures life as it is happening – no installation is not performed.


Using vivid colors and contrasts to attract attention to the parts of the image that you want to emphasize. The subject in this case could be makeup, clothing, accessories, or anything else you have in your ability.


Portrait taken at home can not only laugh but also capture many different emotions. A portrait of my favorite little smile no one in it, and the photos are overflowing emotions

15. props

Use the props and tools around you to make the setting more interesting than. Look for the old religion to place your subject in, on, under, or around … etc.

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