The basics of portrait photograph…

Photography in general is always need to focus on the layout and lighting. With portraits, it is the most important source of light. Basing the angular harmony, to photograph really impressive and sexy is the target of the shooting.

Camera options: professional or non-professional machines in the market, not the machine is also shooting portraits. Someone does not understand that the machine will not take it, just stand close to the finish. In fact, far more standing to object, the more beautiful images. With the professional needs telezoom lenses from 135 mm focal length or more is best. The number of tourist cameras today have zoom, shutter response is required remotely but how much distance vs. machine “pờ Madness” How are you need to consult the camera market. There are many different types. There is the amateur but kind but very professional function (Canon Power Shot Pro 1 … telezoom focal lens up to 200 mm). While others, lens seems to be professional but it is for non-professional people (Nikon D50, D70 ..). These models are often called semi-professional.

 Ordinary digital camera optical zoom lens is denoted by x (4x, 7x, 9x … 19x …). The larger the numbers, the lens is more far-reaching. That means if you want to shoot portraits, you should use the camera with 7x zoom range upward from. The distance between the camera and the object about 10 meters minimum. The Canon Pro 1 as above 7x zoom more than enough to satisfy your passion for your image.

 Lighting options: Speaking of image is said to light. No light will not take the picture. In addition to the main light source also functions as a factor to express the beauty and luxury of life, and is the highlight of the picture content. Daylight bright yellow, light night shine a floating sinking sinking floating region, the halo around objects, lights shine down the shimmering, magical or limelight colorful … All the phenomenon of light that is the beauty that you will feel.

 It also does not always get the best light source agreement. To compensate for the lack of light source, professionals often carry a reflector plate. Reflector also contributed to the subject’s face or the light are different ways, this method creates depth, giving shape to the object. With a size cardboard 50 x 60 cm approximately doubling back, you stick on which the sheet of foil pack of cigarettes you will have good bounce its light and efficient. The light from the silver paper will dispel the dark, hidden spots in each region of the object, such as orbital, nasal cavity, neck … alienate the small wrinkles of aging, very unpleasant man, created for fresh photo features, flawless.

 Secondary light source is also important. Is a factor to express the beauty, the spirit of man. Oil lights shine shaken a small area on the faces of people in the photos. Slanting sunlight from behind or from the side can make the hairs stand out, looming white border surrounding the character at the sun radiates down the shoulder yarn …

Shooting techniques: To photograph you must understand how the speed, aperture. When used to tele-zoom lens (lens zoom and telephoto-zoom are two different types), shutter speed (speed) to quickly open, ranging from 1/125 ” ‘becoming synonymous with light bright sunshine, the average level of the aperture to f 5.6. If you put less than this number, they will lose focus and camera shake unless more is placed on three legs. The best way is you to high-speed fixed in sunny conditions, upon illumination S function keys on the machine, then the aperture automatically opens to help you get a standard picture brightness. In addition, the professional machine also has the function to add, subtract light helps workers get pictures like that in different circumstances. Along with the effects of tele-zoom lens, the higher the speed, the door is wide open as that morning as blurred background, capturing the human face as sharp uphill stretch and highlight any wallpaper is something that is go blurry.

 Horizontal lines in portrait wallpaper is completely wrong technically and artistically. Only with a certain bar, a power cord or the edge of the wall, the first straight line cut accidentally did that person go down your important images. Naturally, this photo that was taken when the art contest will not be accepted.

 Layout pictures: Photo portrait of two categories: portrait busts and portraits of the people. Typically, most people when it comes to portrait is thought to photograph the seller body (from the chest upwards). Photos busts you should not shoot straight face, not seen both ears (this is the profile picture). Face should go angling than the camera, may look at the machine or look away, dreamy, faraway, looked up and looked downward. You set the time machine so that no human face is turned toward it doubled back.

 Equally noteworthy point is the design. Posture, the appearance of the subject is very important for the picture busts. It originates from the feet upwards. Not one to stand, the rotation of a side that is. You need to create designs for objects like taking the person, how soft, vivid, bundle the posture of the legs, arms or sitting or standing can design according to your creativity.

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