The tips of “hiding” the the defects of the body when taking portraits

Portrait photography is a genre that you capture most, but you ever pay any attention to styling that looks the most beautiful photos that covers imperfections on the body yet. Styling tips below will help you do that.

In everyday life, the kind of photo portraits that we tend to shoot from taking selfie to take pictures of friends and shoot while traveling, … Have you ever noticed how a shape to cover away imperfections on your body yet? There are a few different methods to shape, typically the photographer will be based on the angle, tilt, position of the body parts to adjust positions so that they feel is perfect. There is no right or wrong method, the problem is posture looks intuitive, natural instead of the awkward, contrived.

1. Switch to the side shooting

The entire body will look bigger or smaller depending on their angle to the camera. If a person is standing straight into the camera, it will unfold is the widest part of their body, so their bodies will look the greatest. In contrast, the transfer position to the side or three-quarters of the body, the form will instantly look slimmer than before. Stand on one side, the model becomes more slender

2. Scroll the shoulder

Many people will be very self-conscious about chin under face, but there is a simple way to hide them. Ask them to roll his shoulders back and push forward face. This will help the loose skin on the face is stretched. Shooting in this corner, you can see the difference.

3. Front or rear

This means that the need to think about the parts of the body, see if they are closer to or farther from the camera. For example, like this photo, three people seem very small samples. but the model can push hips out of the camera to make them appear smaller or push hips toward the camera to make them look bigger.

4. Lower the shoulder

A simple way to add shape to the body’s use of the shoulder. If the sample shoulder looks are completely different, can create the look a bit “silly”, but only by lowering a shoulder, you can make the body shape the dynamics and more exciting, forcing the eye viewers have watched the lines.

5. Hairstyle

Hair can play a role in the process of shaping. And to untie the hair over her shoulders, the hair will look messy, so ask people to move hair away form if you think it does not look right eye, can wear it to one side. If shooting edge modeling, hair over one shoulder Government will show off the curve of the neck.

6. Open arms

If the arm is hanging down on either side of the body becomes a large rectangle of the body and limbs. Conversely, if we move the arm out of the waist – by placing his hands on hips, face, or anywhere seems natural – you can show off your body’s curves. When to hands down the vertical body, you will not be able to create definition “sexy”

7. Remove pins

Another trick to shaping beautiful body is moving feet. The position of the foot is shaped like the letter L, with the weight of the model will be on the front foot and lean forward a bit. This allows the sample to the next shooting location for slimming effect and give your body curves. No need to always have to stand in earnest, especially when taking portraits.

8. Convert cheekbone

Capturing a first angle may look great, but it also can not be like your disposal when you lose part farthest from the eye image, or eyeball cut the edges of the face. Additionally, the tip of the sample will look bigger if it breaks the edges of the face, so you should keep the nose is full in the cheek. Do not take too inclined surface, because the eye will affect the image of the face

9: Rotate the hand

The hand plays a major role in shaping the attractive position. Put your hands straight face, it looks pretty big, flat and awkward, while taking side with the fingers bent creates exquisite charm. If you’re looking for inspiration, look at the way the dancers use their hands to create attractive posture.

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