The type of light in food photography

As I mentioned in the article “Introductory Of Food Photographing”. Professional photographers are giving advice to focus all the way down to the light carpentry. In photography, especially photography and commercial products, light either all or will turn your photos into “nothing”.

The kind of light commonly used when photographing his food. Of course it will not be very precise and formal, but hopefully understandable.

1. Natural Outdoor Lighting
Natural light has many advantages incredibly fat and fit the fuzzy chick: cheap, comfortable, beautiful. Besides natural light is the kind of light gives you the truest sense of the dishes, like when you contemplate it in real life. Avoid fuzzy chicken and tomatoes take an eggplant-shaped.

However, natural light also has its certain rules. In Vietnam, rainy or foggy origin, usually in the early morning light will have little status-blind, meaning obscure. Of course for those who have skills lens Ps super terrorist and blind Vietnam is not worrying what matters, but just to tell the full rate. Even blind he sought to create an image or create smoke, so is cumbersome, only to say later.

The second problem is the natural light is kind of scattered light is very large, intense. If that day is cloudy congratulate the fuzzy chicken, because you already have a plate Diffuser worth a million dollars. If bad luck blue sky, the white clouds hang fuzzy chicken will have to learn how to use light opaque and reflect only.

Information is the first attractive light reflectors 5 in 1 (sounds like Pantene shampoo) only 500k price range. 5 in 1 can mean opaque, Diffuser, silver and gold reflector, light smoking. Remember learning how to fold opaque, if not finished shooting will feel very humiliated, or sitting chatting with customers, bouncing suddenly sprung spreading would be very scared.

Also in Vietnam midday natural light became extremely bitter, reduce the color tones and detail down part. This is a difficult problem to the back end, because if too easily lead to state hands bloodstained.

So it’s best to noon fuzzy chicken for healthy sleep, taken choet something. Of course, if you have the big one size blinds, or there is a hallway with a large porch, perhaps just a cloth only stretch up to Diffuser is nothing more hindered at all. West called diffuser lighting it, the chicken click here to see how to do DIY diffuser lighting on youtube very simple.

There is another way to play with light lunch, which is what we look for a tree that shaded thick, put food in and we’ll have a picture with the ball through the sun dappled tree, very pretty .

2. Light windows
Window light is kind of my favorite light. In essence it is the natural light passes through a window, so it becomes a huge studio lamp uses less power. This lamp can be customized to your liking direction by placing tables taken (his direction especially like to use the back-side or back-side 45 degrees), add or remove certain kinds of light, shade, depending on the creativity of the fuzzy chicken.

And now we can also light “west”, ie light in the horizontal skewer, if placed horizontal dish with windows or a little higher. Set the low 1 bit, we have light shade, so is Madness. Put out the light, if the window too small, just more smoke fades, we have a ray of light is called in the background.

Light windows brighten usually a side dish, so we can fix the lights combined using a 1 to reduce the contrast down, or one bounce its light will also give similar results. And because of the natural light, it bears the full nature of natural light, such as bluish purple in the morning and at sunset yellow.

And it also has another plus point is that we can play through the day, not afraid sunshine.

3. Light studio
Of course there are some things we must use the studio to capture light, such as a bowl of noodles at midnight. Or a plate of food with the bar scene is completely absent guests at 1am. At daylight it will be a dark gray color.

Studio lighting, not necessarily with the technical đú complexity of product images (actually want to play, it was not enough chicken matte process). Two small lamp with contrast though whether cross is enough. Even if that capture beautiful light, you can use only one lamp with the tools to gain bouncing natural light bar (or simile photography People are taking too ambient light into the living image choanh ).

Light type of light is easily customized to the photographer best intentions, and also easy to create the effect of light advertising. However to control the lights need some pictures certain experience in photography. And limiting the use of light with ambient light intensity lights often exceed requirements and remove all other light. Can overcome this by using continuous light lamps (lamps and halogen lamps filming) throughout the small, or use the device reduces the light intensity, or the Earth’s simplest turns hitting the wall lamp ceiling (using reflected light). Use this to remember to notice the color of the reflective material, or the ambient light to gel properly, take out food rather green looking purple, yellow-brown landscape is a little bit bizarre.

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