Things to remember to have a beautiful food pictures

Photographing food is part of the commercial photography, product advertising service, make a menu, or for cookbooks. Photographing professional cooking team need powerful ideas people, food stylists, photographers and assistants. The following tips for the novice photographer with beautiful food photos.

1. Select the camera and lens fit

To take pictures of food, not necessarily the super fancy camera. The DSLR camera for beginners moderately priced can also produce beautiful photos. Of course, if you have a camera with a good lens genuine it is perfect, but it’s important that you know how to apply effective and full use of the camera functions.

2. Do not use the flash

Mounted camera mounted flash photography is not suitable for food. Light cornered somewhere too much on losing the natural beauty of the dish. Unless you are a separate room with lights shooting suit, it is best not to use the camera’s flash.

3. Always use a tripod

Lighting is an important factor, it’s worse if you look back, found out she had blurry pictures caused by hand shake. If using a DSLR camera, the shutter speed longer than 1/60 second, you need a tripod.

4. Choose props carefully.

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The choice of surface, tablecloth, forks and knives, a few carefully props will contribute successfully to the picture.

5. Find the best angle

Some dishes have beautiful colors, striking face when taking a top-down, but there are dishes in blocks (eg multi-tier cakes) are usually taken from the lower corner, then the item will see the block, color excellent food. You try to determine the layout prior to taking you focus only take food.

6. Trust your feelings when the layout is not beautiful

If you see more volatility means that it is wrong, do not hesitate to get rid of and start from scratch. You may reuse the previous layout but by trying to reach a different perspective, it’s a good idea.

7. Do not make the food have to wait too long.


Many vegetables (parsley is a good example) will wilt and droop if left standing, your dish will be less sharp and no appetite. Food such as meat begins to dry. In this case, use rub a little oil up to look better. But be careful not to swipe the hand, otherwise it looks greasy, will feel bored to view photos

8. Not perfect is sometimes good

If you grab a slice of bread and a few crumbs falling onto the table, then you can leave it. A little messy spillage can add the charm and authenticity of the dishes. Sometimes perfect, polish rigid feeling distant from readers.

9. Misting

When photographed still lifes of fruits and vegetables, use a nebulizer to horticulture to create a feeling as fresh vegetables picked from the garden has been soaked with dew

10. Always be prepared

Be prepared props and cameras to meet the opportunities when you can quickly grasp, such as walking on the road and saw a store that sells vitamins looks delicious smoothie.

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