Experience the feeling of getting the Premium / Pro Canon cameras

This article is aimed towards those who are using the line Premium / Pro Canon and it only identifiable personal orientation. Some basic knowledge and technical specifications do not mention any more because they’ve played to this line more or less knowledgeable about cameras then. Or you do the cranberry always conditional advanced cameras should also read to orient various hobby with how professional it.

First my opinion hobby to pro it is unrelated to bad shots or pictures before. Hobby is playing hobby, is to make money by photo pro, that’s all. Hobby hole after playing to large format batteries, photographic knowledge even more nauseous pro people. People just need to know it’s pro field it was doing, knew it not clear, but it’s unemployed do not care much so that the concept of technology or quality of image looks nothing.

Followed by Canon with Pentax I just play, do not play the Nikon with Sony so the two companies are not familiar with. It does not have line pro Pentax, Nikon and Sony also are air it for professional people making money so I think Canon is the same guy alone.

Then in the story.

First you should understand what some of the capitalists thinking dying. They did not do anything in vain before, so she distributed models it makes us very accurate. You read the concept of its models that still do not know what to choose, do not rush out to buy the machine, getting the buyer to spend does not go away or the machine does not meet the needs of the other and think this thought, tired. That effort brought more than happy to take pictures, ha.

Canon’s premium line of Fullframe line, ie line 5 and line 6. There is a single exception is the cropped sensor line 7 spend. Pro line is line 1, without exception. Several readers said any review that saw his semi-pro line with a new model for the photo entry is equivalent to 2 lines on the laughing out loud and then skip dentist, because when it comes to money is eaten genuine review. And it’s terrible monetize professional medium format spend all gone unspent fullframe do anything.

Not the machine is its premium it carries less literal pro line, no. 5D2 and 5d3 are line 8, 9/10 and 1ds3 1ds2 line, if only to say the image quality alone. What difference 1, 2 section if you are not doing much damage to the image, you can not recognize it. Field inferior image quality 1d 5d line, but it remains in the pro line, why? Because pro with its premium by intended use.

What is Pro. Pro is the place to do it, no confusion. Sport car is like to race that car cruise is to go downhill so that. 1d is inclined to the line speed lines, lines 1Ds is fond of the quality line, that’s all. Have children 1DX the exception beast, little talk later, do not have heat. Point of the line Pro is the buffalo dog workhorse type. Such buffalo dog, does not mean you get it to operate from -30 to 60 degrees day after day without being damaged. Nazi tanks when off leash again there is an engine of Japanese TV.

You do take professional knows, there are times when you do not have time to notice the camera anymore. Hand beam is let go rowing, especially those he photographed sport, reportage, every drop freely machines (wired machine retained). Bump into other machines, in other animals is routine. Pro line is the line after you spurned so it stays stable performance, no dead halfway. Rain and wind did not feel anything runny appearance, made it too the finish shooting died are not required to do anything morbid. It pro because it is stable and its specific features. It is also because of this suffering, not because it uses high-tech super premium line nothing more.

Premium I define it like mixing two features of the pro line and for a more balanced product. Like shutter speed, it more than that guy 1Ds 1d guy lost it more beautiful photography boy boy 1Ds 1d and lost that. So if you do not care about the little things like waterproof, impact-resistant plant that just a good focus, shooting in normal circumstances to less than normal, use a piece of delicious spend premium line much more. As long as you do not have it in the forest na small cliff high up the river to wade desert digging spare venture out further how it rolls.

No one wants to say the damage notebook loud thud iron in two Department of backpack if not because of work requirements out, unless addictive series that is too painful to accept.

Okay, now on to say about the quality.

In the premium line also divides the quality and style for the demanding requirements low. Field 5 is the most advanced line of premium, it meets most of the requirements of the photographer. Down, it contained two small lines, one that you do like taking 6D static, high-tech spending that do not want to spend a lot of money too, both the 7D series you do like taking speed, and high technology, nor need to invest too much money.

Despite this split, but the two boys 6 to 7 still not a pro because it’s full line of plastic is not well, dropped the tank too. And its specificity is not clear as pro line. So you read somewhere 7D style miniature version or 6D 1d4 is a miniature 1ds3 then hi hi hi. Few people remember that by photographing the equivalent of one level, spending machine is also capable of that kind of image, rather than the newer machines always delicious images please older machines.

It is divided as to when you start playing advanced camera, you do not have to spend too much money invested. After a period of 6 or 7 spend, if you see my needs just take this a little bit, the other players too, playing music and always sang, but danced to sing halfway decent, you name names jump over the line 5. Otherwise, jump over the line first if you want to play a genre specialist.

So you’re spending so line 5 and pleasure, you should to something. 5D2, it’s easy to 5d3, 3 finished, wait 4, 5, 6, 7, … Go to Canon when it bankrupt, all, from up again. Also want to jump into 1DX crooked lines, jump, and also mix all the premium features such as line and add the section of the line pro buffalo dog. Generally identified models I need the next life that blueberries themselves, unless they convert new lines to sit weigh much the story iso, af, newer sensors.

Pro line quality it does not divide anymore that it divided according to purpose. You can not ask for car sport car runs as good as cruise cruising, cruise or held as a ghost car speed car sport is. Ah, but the camera does, 1DX, expensive blood movement. Canon generally seems bored guy playing two rows so now it makes F1 car can always run the highway.

What you also had the opportunity to try the said pro user. He 1d4 5d3 boy was born three years ago but the AF speed and accuracy are still crying into Man 5D3, because the other guy through the thing it was designed for speed shooting. Same is the guy with the guy 5D2 1D3 or she specializes in shooting speed is a premium line 7D.

And he 5D2 after two years 1Ds3 not likely considering it. What you’ll have to use both in the studio environment (ie main design aim for the guy 1Ds), in conditions of low Iso roaming capabilities and areas of light and dark color of the line 1 is a very different story. People I used to call it the buoyancy block. Similarly he 1Ds2 him and his 5D 6D. Even guys 1Ds2 afford comparison with how it 5D2 boy 4 years.

5D3 guy image quality with a ten-nine a guy 1Ds3. 5 years apart but still equal quality, you also grasp the specificity of the pro line clear how it then. I’ve taken quite a few 5D3 rental projects before deciding to use 1Ds3, not because of one good guy than that because I do not need to remove some features high Iso 5. snapshot of the guys I work with are Iso 100 mainly so decisions more powerful machine has advantages.

Or you can email him to ask the specialist professional sports shooting abroad. They just choose 1D line, never select line 5. Simply because they just speed 1D line without the line 5D image quality.

Generally tired zồi babble coming. I think. Hope to photography forum thread no longer see those darling style you should buy now or 5D2 7D 1D3 or more.

If you have much money, Let’s take the max, anyway, then you also will change it again. Hehe…

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