CANON 5D3 VS CANON 1DS3: Who’s the winner?

Canon 1Ds3 is launched in May 8/2007, it’s stopped production in 2012, so far has been 7 years old. Factory price is $ 8,000, which was regarded as flag-ship of the Canon line for the studio. It was his juniors 1DX not be very popular as a smaller resolution (18MB) so it can be said 1Ds3 remains the most senior body of the Canon for studio photography.

Canon 5D3 is launched in May 3/2012, it represents Canon’s high-end line. Inheriting its sophisticated AF system and the latest technology at the time. Factory price at the time was $ 3,500. Its two juniors crisis resolution has been announced but not yet on the shelves should 5D3 is still a good choice for the studio.
Other parameters you can look up google. Now the price of 2 for every 2nd this you are pretty balanced, they are about 45-46 million is can purchase a high quality one.

I made a test with three parts, using one lens L, 1 lens for, 1 lens for your Canon often easy to imagine.

Part 1: In the studio with macro lens for Tokina AF 100
Part 2: Exterior with Canon 85L mark II
Part 3: Exposure night with Canon EF 35
Part of the studio is divided into two, one is to test the color and detail on the different Iso, noise reduction 2 is the ability of each body.
White Balance: Flash mode
Image Size: L
Image Style: Standard
1. Test Iso, big picture lies in the link attached below, you click on to see.

Iso 100:

Iso 400:

Iso 1600:

Iso 3200:

Iso 6400: Now the 5D3 is remained.


Iso 12800:

Iso 25600:

Overall color, 1Ds3 for darker, yellowish than 5D3.
1Ds3 red slightly more bruising of 5D3 was slightly leaning back slightly purple and silver color.
Yellow and green colors of the fresher 1Ds3 5D3.
Iso image detail from 100-1600, 5D3 for more detailed images 1Ds3 a bit, but the transfer of light and dark colors and moving better 1Ds3.
In 3200 Iso Iso is the highest level of 1Ds3, the image quality of this old man dropped markedly (mode noise reduction is turned off). Meanwhile waved 5D3 still delicious.
2. Test the ability of the body noise reduction
In 1Ds3 I just used at ISO 1600 and 3200, in 5D3 I just used in Iso 6400 or more because of the lower noise Iso hardly appear very similar picture quality.

Iso 3200


Iso 6400

Iso 12800

Iso 25600

5D3 noise cancellation capability of very good, Iso 6400 while reducing noise on image quality still about 8/10. However Drastic drop in image quality and found seats in the Iso 12800 25600.
1Ds3 noise cancellation capability of Iso worse in 3200 and operational in 1600. Iso 9/10 Image quality at ISO 1600.

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