Differentiation cameraman and photographer

This’s two fields which have traditionally opposed each other as vigorously from hundreds of billions of years, similar to crocodiles fight with zebra. But the only difference is only one meaning, but because people have said “not minded to each other, it is difficult to talk to each other”.

1. The issue of the identity of address.
THE Cameraman: Escape from the pregnant population and people playing computer collection. Photo majority sucks but communication is familiar lullabies 2 gasoline.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Exit pregnancy from photographers. Usually only one kit, and can do no more business around in their own kit.

2. Interests
THE Cameraman: Like most new series to read the information and share it on FB. Like reading about ancient cameras to modern. Like changing computer and buy a new machine continuously. Most of the money and enough money to play. There are some special cases èo money and hard to read review slashing winds, self into a separate path, name Slashing Machine.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Just like reading information on the new series, the most comparable measure to balance their own kit and ultimately did not buy anything because the money to spend to buy the others perished. Likes to walk around the site 10 type styles famous photographer and save the world of people on the computer, for jealousy or learn the science is clear.

3. Play photo
THE Cameraman: Take lots. 80% of new photos are test machines. FB post certain photos is … photos from the photo. The notion is to capture happy, happy or happy with the image, the machine down in resolution. There are few people so the pleasure comes from the torture itself, such as a reverse gravure and end date movie.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Take incredibly much. 80% were bartered for money. Photo posted FB mostly phone photos or dumb machine. Particularly, some people prefer computer screenshots complete FB post. The notion must have money taken or praises for photos. No two things on the go … to sleep.

4. Machine
THE Cameraman: Machine is all the world’s lens. There are many definitions of happiness odd. Very easy to switch to eccentric or divorce. Many call her the camera is 2, 3, 4, 5 to infinity. Question mouth is dotted ultimate hands or color. This status is often seen putting up watching four wives around and shooting test. Habit is prone to pulling out clean touching wife in public. Flood you sometimes for books.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Tools are tools. Happiness is no money or get paid on time. Happy runner is taken sparingly and still have money. Often cast during excavation tools of labor, type of wheels is losing money to buy stabbing for perforation. Net sparingly but should be accurate, colorful exemption do not need much wrong, photoshop is all well and what is the pass. Often no one touched his camera.

5. Annotations
THE Cameraman: Certain information must be enclosed with the camera. M10000 like Leica, lens 50 / 0.5. Photo Caption or partiality toward the dreamy or vague. The primary goal is to show off the machine, everything else does not matter, to understand without understanding also okay. A few isolated cases upgrading qualifications ambiguous write a comment from a contemporary art or detective novels.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Research about SEO or MKT art. Popular writing styles Head 1 – Head 2 – Body text – Keyword. Clear information, but often overlook Exif Data. A few isolated cases reach the level of writing fiction in the photo caption. Several other cases using annotations to photos obscured, turn in a different direction as a writer (g) network.

5. Future
THE Cameraman: Many opportunities to collectors. However many dreams collapse and become hate cameras. Some people turn to guide traders. Several others sold out to the guillotine and wind machines.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Dreaming of becoming artists commercial. Means doing something outrageous or lazy and still have money. But most of all become loris photography. Some turned into a public figure. Some high school teacher.

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