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I would like to write an article about the experience shared use and how to use on-line booking EyeFi machines as well as other devices (tablet, laptop, desktop). Since installing the card slightly wordy trouble and I’ll split this up into 3 parts: concepts, use wifi available, use wifi card.

Test equipment includes: 1Ds mark3, 6D, EyeFi Pro X2 card, iPad Air, Samsung Note 2, Skyphone Android, Windows 8 laptops and desktop settings.

What is Eye Fi card ?

Many of you will wonder why the company’s SD card (http://www.eyefi.com/) did it, though (EyeFi no CF card and follow the information on its website, it also no one SD-CF adapter which works always). EyeFi’s most expensive card (hereinafter referred to as EF for short) near $ 100 for 16GB of storage. It concerns such as the card itself is a local collection / receiving micro wifi and handy as a normal SD card. You can use it to transfer photos to the tablet or laptop, considered to have, for example, customers easy, especially commercial shoot you do not use this much for it to jump straight into the ipad, shoot quick check.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages

1. Go directly onto images and Android tablet iPad through the App (Windows tablets have not already).

2. Save the image to the device parallel to the images on the card (back-up). Currently under testing, only I and computer tablet android is the RAW + Jpeg files received, and iPad do not know why not get RAW files.

3. Create a hotspot at the point of capture, no wifi available. This hotspot what used to transfer the image file, but you do plan to use it to get to where kenh14 is not listening. So you will check photos anywhere without wires unfaithfulness.

4. Inexpensive, here is cheaper than dedicated devices other wifi camera, not the card. Canon WFT such the price more expensive than the 50D. Amateur playing professional investors do not need the cards spend enough already.

  • But it also has some limitations:

1. Set-up confusing afterall

2. Or lag when creating a hotspot, much as lost connections on the back.

3. Delay for quite some time (with my jpeg lowest 1ds3 ~ 300kb takes about 2 seconds, and the 6D RAW file takes about 10 seconds).

Before writing this article, I was under the card as a portable traveling hi Dalat in three days, without the loss of connectivity when using wifi card, many times only delay. Then I continued to test a food shoot lasted 2 days, 8 hours per day, it will only close the connection lost 4-5 range, delay of about 4 times. In general with a device that does not support high prices like this, then I think that is pretty good.


Currently, there are 3 types of cards are Connect, Mobi, Pro. But just give EF homepage Connect product off the list, perhaps because of this card quite useless.

1. Connect Card: cheapest, only 4gb storage, can upload jpeg images online (like cloud, flickr, Facebook, …) and equipment. WiFi N standard user

2. Mobi Tags: 8,16,32 gb capacity. This card is only transferred through the device and Jpeg photos online. Can use geotag, such as shooting locations marked. What you only need to convert the JPEG should buy this card, from buying expensive Pro spending. What you shoot RAW and Jpeg share in the same one card, this card should be purchased, from the set-ups are not transferred to Raw.

3. Pro X2 card: It’s just another point card Mobi but is it always the Raw moving. However, the horizontal speed of the turtle should I forgo this feature to not spend.

First Using

In generally, the first guy EF will provide the app on store, you can do it up down the tablet only. Do you use the laptop on its website (http://www.eyefi.com/) download the software installed on your computer. All app and software are all called EyeFi Center. All this set on EF Center needs internet connection as it will sync the entire set up your device registered in the EF Center.

After obtaining the software app and then it will ask you to register an Account. This so-Account is used to manage all EF card you are, and remember custom settings, visit the EyeFi cloud.

Later again to part set-ups to use your wifi hotspot wifi available and create. EF is called dual-mode Network and Direct Mode. As part of this setup is quite confusing afterall, so I’ll split the two posts again.

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