Fujifilm X-M1 – Where should you need in a Mirrorless Camera?

In the past I’ve used over the last few cameras like Sony Nex, Fujifilm X100, the X-Pro1, but one of them is not high quality, another one is being fixed, and the last one is too bulky, so I do not spend any more. Recently seen people talk about more Mirrorless machine so I also want to figure out what to spend it compact, but it must meet the work requirements of the Bow. The first criterion is to be cheap. If expensive, every D-SLR to spend then, No need to say more…

I had like the design of Fuji for a long time. At the X-Pro1 ago there was not much excitement because it’s too big and bulky. Fuji now has the X-M1 and A1 compact X-holding both hands should decide Corinthians 2 em all on.

Here I only tested the Compact Mirrorless meet the needs of the professional photographer or not only should the content of this article is only for those who are serious photography or a living image. And who or what to look for and read a few parameters or dragged on just like to see some silly ones colorful function to scare the kids where they will not have decent

All my files are shooting RAW files converted with ACR. What you also see review acquainted with brilliant Saturation boos do not, because I’m always on the Standard fitting to have the most accurate color for women to achieve the highest efficiency retouch. All photos in this article were taken during filming and shooting sidelines fashion show VTV station and capture those images to test the machine should not edit retouch anything. People please do not be harsh comment about the model offline. Ministry official photo of the two machines will be updated in the near future

Fujifilm X-M1 before offline. Rumored X-M1 X-Trans sensor technology exclusively Fuji something so I preferred shooting with a Super EBC XF 23mm F1.4 crisis

Holding X-M1 feeling very comfortable, not too bulky X-Pro1 as well not too small like some P & S. Fujinon lens also the quality of this ancient famous Aspherical it should not need to say more, then how much more of this figure is 23mm 1.4. This Lens AF and MF mode 2 by pushing up and down within the Focus. Initially seen too rigid lens only thought that MF MF should keep shooting. My priority A priority shooting modes and adjust EV border with the roll button by the thumb, pretty convenient. Every time you need to switch ISO then just press the Fn (Function) button next to my shooting was set to ISO is available on the straight.

When I click on the button on the camera body and the World Bank to select Auto, it appeared WB Shift always right in there. It is because of this I was AGAINST. In other WB modes to try it and find out for yourself is always more custom WB Shift. Those who talk photography with me, they know I always say that its Auto WB always good but I always adjust to their BW Shift together can do absolutely all colors of the image in each case. Auto WB is that all WB mode rather than just “AWB” offline. D-SLR newbie often ignore what this WB Shift then just screaming to be this and that color. Even though I myself appreciate Shift WB still occasionally forget idler adjustment on DSLR because of having to adjust and then tested in DSLR shooting. Much more then divided into 2 DSLR different items in the menu are highly promiscuous. So the X-M1 is from fear forget this important item. Impressive !

ISO 640 F 1.4 1/10s: When looking at the parameters that you know it’s up to the point like. If I do not understand the hard hand or because of what I shoot at 1 / 10s is very sharp

ISO 1250 F 1.4 1/s

ISO 2500 F 1.4 1/40s:

ISO 5000 F 1.4 1/70s:

Later I knew how to turn the lens through AF, One doubts just gently push the prospects Focus on lens, making it sound menu search shambled like a 18mm F2. Making that moment MF shooting death. Thankfully my learned pretty fast manual focus hihi. Anyway shooting with this lens MF prefer quiet and smooth because his hand.

Really impressed with the full-frame effects that this crop was machine. Surely the next wedding will take the X-M1 because most of what I need to capture the X-M1 wedding are:

– The effect of FF – Mining clear, bright and dark.

-Choose Any WB mode to Shift WB correction also right in that WB. → Pole liked this

– The right thumb ring EV adjustment to constantly adjust when I shoot with export Av priority mode.

– Fn button right index finger, can select any feature for it. I then choose the first ISO for all the others available on the camera body as the WB, AF, continuous shooting or one shot .v.v.v

Now is the time to talk about Auto Focus: Auto Focus I tried shooting with 18mm F2 Fujinon Lens

At first I was very interested because of the wide screen which is the focus points spread across the screen (49 points) to capture everything from the need recomposed themselves select focus points that overlap with a focus on 49 points covering the screen also. Where thought of why DSLRs do not covering the screen focus point like this that keep people gathered in the middle to take themselves out of focus re-composed and screaming all the time. Then when shooting moving subjects taken, I feel a bit frustrated because every time I wanted to change the focus point AF button to press on the body and then move in steps 1 through focus point or focus area you want. I was a little time-consuming if captured moments or fast moving subjects continuously. I find manual focus feel faster and more film machine

At just 5 minutes away, the capture of many of you are present at the Studio has asked me about this and I have two machines to view photos on the spot and also comment on and recommend like someone spent in a “professional” Manual focus should be shooting for shooting praises auto focus rather than having to take time to move the Focus menu. But then when I saw vóc the menu has a total of 5 different focus mode select, auto yes, there tracking, can change the size of the focus point (I call points but as it is not called a wide area as 1 zone in DSLR) plus Face Detection and the Fn button on the Focus mode set, then perhaps it would be advantageous to be able to change the focus mode is much faster. I temporarily took back his words about focus with nha

Benefits: In addition to the advantages I mentioned above, there are many other benefits, including

– Select the metering mode is as Multi, Spot, Average (In the recording menu is Photometry new reader should not understand,

– AE-AF Lock

-Both Heap and color mode Fujifilm’s proprietary as Velvia, Astia


– There are built-in Wi-fi picture about ipad iphone push or Android .v.v.v

– Flash can be pushed up into the sky to Bouncing. from left to mount flash

– Designs styled colors

– Cheap: This is the most important


– Wake-up insensitive. Each time the computer goes to sleep but lightly press the shutter button D-SLR-style is not due to hit the cement deep magnetite shutter button.

– Do not choose the focus is only selected according to zone 1 are the two is auto, tracking (Must for D-SLR has joystick like it?

– Operable SD card and copy speeds slow. if it’s okay Jpeg shooting but if shooting RAW files are about 25MB each shot 1 plate finish that wants instant view picture view broken only just taken, via other panels have to wait 2-3 seconds for it pops up a new view mode move.

– I like the design because of its Fuji 1 part classic rangefinder design, so there is no “rangefinder viewfiner” less offensive to those who shoot films as my machine. However if that makes big machines like X-Pro1, the criteria to take the compact that I need.

But please note, the above are my weaknesses are compared to the 5D Mk machine D-SLR that I’m spending III offline. If compared with other machines, people Mirrorless self preview it advantages or disadvantages hihi


If you are Advance Amateur, professional way and want to improve the skills and budget surplus, for every purchase of D-SLR Full Frame slowly spending.

If the budget is not enough, or you just buy DSLR Crop determine temporary spending, then buy X or X-A1-M1. Spend money to buy full-frame D-SLR D-SLR but do not buy the crop. Read this comparison to better understand: Crop Machine vs Fullframe

If you are a professional. Already knew what I needed to fit in the equipment category for the photos you take. Identified the school and the shooting style with the points I mentioned above I’m sure you will be interested in 1 child with a suitable focal Lens with style to reduce weight equipment the backpack when you go to shoot. or simply used to back up. And especially if you’re shooting 35mm F1.4 on Full Frame tube, you can not ignore the F1.4 23mm this.

If you are an amateur just to travel machines that are still interested in photography and want to have the shape of two machines is a reasonable choice. X-A1 turn sleek, vintage and colorful teen is what you should look ahead I will bring this machine to go 2 the US and Europe at the same time shooting this wedding party machine that always compact.

If you are an amateur but unknown Advance style you want to capture, unknown device suitable for the style or school of their own. Never know I need to take public focal light and color what the stars, only to buy based on the parameters you review or advertise themselves as the point & shoot and purchase or any machine that has the style you like because behind nor do you make the most of the advantages of this machine or any machine you buy. Charge too!

Now most of those firms out what the crap game. Canon 24-70mm f4 then v.v.v Sony, Olympus, Nikon, then do some things to attend is extended because of professional shooting shooting game that will not spend it too expensive. For me, if the purchase Mirrorless purchased for cash only suitable for Mirrorless bring and what will look the best that money here, or just use the money to buy or upgrade professional DSLR to work.

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