Pentax DA 50mm / F1.8 lens – Beautiful, gentle, good ability to float blocks

There are many reasons I do not really care about this normal lens Pentax: I do not have to be done usually 50mm on crop body, I’ve owned the 50mm lens has been “branded” quality Pentacon and Zeiss, Pentax FA f1.4, f1.7 SMC M; and even I do not like the color of the line DA lens.

But now for the first time on the hands, I felt right here could be your next normal lens. Moreover had long ago I felt I like shooting a 50mm lens Pentax. You might have felt the same when read this article.

This is a lens has a 6cm long and weighs only about 2 egg, compact it as a toy, but the bird did not feel cheap because the plastic material used is high quality. Coats and maturation cycle of the details on the lens also does not feel this is a superficial product. The most unfortunate thing is pretty bad mount plastic parts, and which made me slightly shortfalls.

This product is not the same as the opinion of many users, is a good lens, they must look for sure, tough (even pit) comes with good optical quality. Regarding the build, the selling points of this lens has convinced me of the following characteristics: looks delicate and very compact when mounted on a Pentax body, and lightweight that I do not have to think to bring it in for all occasions photographed. This difference of 50mm lens with all I’ve ever used.

In terms of features, the lens can make players disappointed Pentax film machine: it can not export iris ring, no distance scale, and a little sad that no quickshift while focusing barrel is designed very beautiful. Another plus point is the focus lens mechanism Internal Focus, lens means no running out running into the focus, and loop filter will not rotate.

Feeling for the first test shots: Pentax engineers have said not overstate the optical quality of their products. If you only use one word to describe the quality of the images this lens, I would use the word in the product description: pleasing (pleasant). And most of the people you have in common when tested Photo feeling very soft and gentle. Not only that, sharpness and contrast of F1.8 lens right in the eye is also very fit.

I would like to use 3 images on the demo site Pentax Ricoh products. Not hard to realize they’re emphasizing sharpness and detail when taking portrait in the first plate, the smooth and feeling soft bokeh in photos eyewear and ability to smooth tones in photos last hard.

Too impressive but also somewhat suspicious images “facade” of Pentax Ricoh, so I deliberately tested it on his own body K5. With that in mind: each user has different concerns, so I had to test many different brothers and aggregated lens for better overview of the strengths and weaknesses of this lens. All images are just light up and down, a little contrast and not interfere with the original image quality.

Because the lens belong to DA line, it should have overcome a lot of life cons of the F and FA lenses before. Purple fringing is controlled well in bright light and hardly distorted image. About pigments, while lens 50mm film quality line F, line color magneta FA seems possessed, the DA lens 50mm / F1.8 is more neutral color.





Ability to create bokeh
When it expresses the theme of the portrait, what surprised me is the ability to create blocks of the lens, can see more clearly when transferring images to BW


For many people, particularly the lens optical quality is quite good value for money on the under $ 200 range. With many users, especially when compared with a similar lens with other firms, the current $ 250 price tage is too expensive.

What I liked in this lens, it is creating a new joy while taking pictures: A compact that could bring anywhere without thinking, comfort and satisfaction of the photograph created even at F1.8 border, peace of mind than the optical errors in the lens of the Pentax 50mm front lines.

If you can not wait patiently eligible cost down and I’ll get to enjoy the lens of the rapture that. Because think about it, most after paying for a pleasant stuff, just a few weeks later you will not have to pay expensive remember a few dozen $ for it and start to enjoy the spiritual values which products that brings.

Finally, when looking at the most recent 2 lens Pentax DA 35mm is / DA 50mm F2.4 and / F1.8 sets the same, I secretly hope to have continued a series of lenses as 28mm or 135mm next and we will placed nickname is “plastics miracle” to continue the useful value that this has brought 2 lens.

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