The reason why I’m preferred prime lens

Many people would argue that the zoom lenses are handy than fix lens (prime), but except for one couple classics like zoom lens 24-70mm, most of the best lens and is preferred by power users lens now is fix. There are many reasons, but we will go over a few key points in this article to understand why fix lens remains popular and is the first choice.

1. nicer bokeh
With the lens fix, we will easily find the lens aperture of 1.4-1.8 while this is quite difficult with the zoom lens. With the structure of the lens fix, manufacturers a lot easier in the fabrication of large aperture lens with a fix. That means that to achieve with lens bokeh will fix smooth and sparkling than the zoom lens. However, bokeh depends on the structure of the lens is more than just each in large or small aperture.

2. Compact more
Most lens lens fix requires less than (somewhat counter to the current new lens Sigma type Art), compared with 1 line with each other (cheap, intermediate, advanced), the lens is more compact always fix much. This may not be very interesting if we only 1 machine and 1 lens, however 100g will also be the problem if we have 3-4 things like a backpack and wearing it all day operation.

3. Image Quality
The zoom lens has gradually narrowed the gap to fix the problem lens image quality. The quality here is said to include: Sharpness, contrast and color reproduction. Some of the traditional problems of the zoom lens is that we distortion and purple fringing relatively heavy compared to fix lens. We have never ask the question why the renowned lens manufacturers in the world are mostly produced fix lens zoom lens a lot more not?

4. Cheaper Rates
At Lens, fewer moving components than simpler design …… .keo according to the production cost will be much cheaper, sometimes helps save up to 50% -70% of the cost for the same substance measure. This is also a very important factor to consider.
4 factors above is labeled for anyone can easily feel the most intuitive way. If only stop here, fix lens enough to convince us to attention and investment. But there are still important reasons other than to enhance the value not only to fix the lens itself but also for photographers.
5. Help us less lazy
With a zoom lens, we will be lazy when shooting despite its utility brings in some cases also can not be denied. Use lens fix, we will have to step back, move forward … ..hay other words, we must move how to get the most pleasant frame. This is a great practice to help enhance the layout of the photographer.

6. Extend senses and imagination
When working with fix lens, each lens fix will have one angle (angle of view) different. Once accustomed, we can imagine right out in the first scene of the image without having to freak turned it back to the ring to find out the best frame. This in the long run have an extremely excellent effect that the new people take pictures often do not recognize.

That’s my opinion, How’re about you? Please to make the commentation on bellow.

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