Use the “tilt angle” in portraits

Portrait is one of the difficultly form of photography because it records every contours close to your subject’s face. Thus, the beautiful location, bad points of the model and workmanship, quality camera, artistic intuition of the author are shown all over the picture.

In the most general case, typically, the angle when taking portrait photographs often create fascinated.

If shooting with a vertical viewing angle, the weaknesses in the faces of people going out immediately. Asian people in general and Vietnam in particular, the first restriction is probably not … high nose.

Also, if taking the area, the other detailed error caused by … the Creator as acne, scars, dark circles, freckles, … will also be specified with all the most authentic details to make people see do not want to look back at that second picture, including “actor” and “director” shooting. So, how to be able to limit the weak points on the face and still give a picture of ecstasy, to life in each … panning.

There are many ways to do so, the most common way that people or used as makeup. Adding thick layers of chalk along the bold lines on the face will help create an excellent overall to anyone and the photographs will bring higher quality.

However, the limitations of the makeup is not able to do that in the outing or diving among the scorching sun. Plus sweaty heat will turn the results into a kind of makeup makes people capable camera photographed threw fled or were “cast collar” swear … not to be photographed again.

The second way is almost everyone uses is … Photoshop. This great tool can turn bad people into thin people who enjoy looking and full of people, people who are fat into balance. However, Photoshop is not universal and is not beautiful certainly could not photoshop to become beautiful. A person who is not looking for much from the perspective of the area will certainly give us the photos do not really attractive. Thus, the third solution is the tilt angle should be utilized in all circumstances. The value of this angle is the finished photograph, public panels also always result in aesthetic perfection.

According to Lam, the owner of a photo studio in Hoan Kiem (Hanoi), the tilt angle of the nose will help actors are a little higher. The weakness of the entire face will be obscured part. “Director” can actively cared for the perfect face left to create better pictures. Also, when shooting under tilt angle, actors should look a distant direction to help create a spirit for artistic photos on your own portrait.

In the case of people in the photos have not been beautiful face, Lam also followed him, shooting at an angle helps obscure the limitations of the mirror wearing and with a few tips photoshop, photo portraits angle tilt will get excellent results.

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