The knowledge of the layout of the still-life photograph

Still life photo of two types, one is still life lifes outdoor installations, in photography, this is a subject of the most easy to shoot and easy is the most beautiful still life photo. With a camera in hand, you can go shoot all day without getting bored. And achievements are the photos like that to the stress of the workday stress. Technically speaking, it is arranged layout and frame layout.

Nature also makes the artist flutter vibration and staged still lifes sometimes gives the photographer an immense creativity. Drawing with colors Painting, drawing with light photography and light colors sang- link gives photographers a picture many emotions. The artist sometimes have ups and downs and to find the real feelings is one thing that was hard to find, even harder to keep. Nature gives us a lot of interesting things, surprises, from the layout, colors, light – a light shimmering presence help us in this world …

But when you first start taking pictures, your favorite subject is still life photos, how to take good pictures? Some small following experience will remind you of your own songwriting.

In term of the layout: You have to understand the golden ratio in the layout and shooting you can invent strange layout. Light is also equally important. You must master all kinds of light. The light in the room with light and natural light though, sometimes you can take advantage of the window light or reflective light of a certain corner of the room, the main theme put you right at the spot light source also announced background location so that there is space.

For frame layout is relatively easy if you know how to select objects on the strengths, strong lines so harmonious, eye-catching. Now you simply framing and shooting. The shooting is relatively easy, but if you do not have strange angles, the picture will be boring.

Still life in the wild very interesting if we know how to exploit and learn a lot from it. That was the inspiration that nature presents. When shooting outdoors you note backdrop behind (Brackground), taking advantage of the contrast of colors to highlight the theme. Photos will look better, will stand a better theme when shooting in low light you up for a bit. How much simpler layout as possible, but to get it you’ll have to work hard.

A beautiful layout, the color cubes harmony, rhythm created in the image. Now you also have to always gaps, itself also contributed to the strange layout for the photo, that’s the perfect combination between art and photography. The layout arrangement requires many skills, including the ability aesthetic, observation, color, light … combination of these factors will give you a picturesque photos. You can create images with colors and different types of images in painting is called the school. Can create classic images by selecting monochromatic colors (light brown tones, light yellow). If you want modern can choose bright colors create a sense of things like new … or strong colors (red, black …)

Colors to allocate for harmony, for example, average commissions shoot, then left or right corner you can drag the color down by disconnecting 2, 3 flowers give way downhill or you can also leave a red apple. The distribution of the layout that gives balance, rhythm, color more harmonious.

With a beautiful layout frame, we can create a picturesque photos. Arrange the highlights also equally important. In point layout can create highly effective when you press somewhere, we can let go many places to create a sense of depth.
Highlights can give out more light. Colors also affect the near and far. Cool colors tend to stay away from warm colors, it is pushed to the front. There are things you are always in the dark sight to remind the viewer the feeling of curiosity. Make viewers have to go as many times as then you have succeeded.

Digital technology allows us to create a multitude of shots, but to create something for himself from the camera sometimes makes one lose sleep, so it has the potential to awaken new light created in you. Good luck and take the pictures.

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