Some of creatively ideas for the still-life photography

Photographed still lifes are a great way to improve your skills to become a real photographer because it encourages you to take the time to get the more expensive prices by giving you total control control elements such as layout and lighting.

1. Insert the Texture


The application of Texture in still-life photography will help to create a visual effect is like painting.

2. Shooting with candlelight

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Initially taking pictures with candlelight will be able to cause some trouble for you to get a standard picture frame because you must always keep the machine in a steady and precise to avoid vibration leading to difficult to obtain definition for pictures. However, once you get used and generated by the photos like that then the result will not bring women into the expectations of you, by the effect of candlelight make to a photo will be very subtle and impressive .

3. Using a minimalist of colors

Using a minimalist palette of your shots will help your central image is more vivid and striking, it will help to attract the attention of the viewers instantly.

4. Emphasize the light and shadow

Still-life images will actually be different when light and darkness is emphasized, as in this image with a vase placed in the light source shines through with the schools on the evening lighting array vague was able to create secondary colors dramatic nature.

5. Selecting many colors
Photographer Bjorn has brought new vitality to the grave with those pictures and vivid colors. We love the simplicity here because it shows the strong visual effects that you can create using your digital camera with patience.

6. Make your inspiration of traditional paintings

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There are many photographers still life photography today is often inspired creativity from classic still-life paintings, typical work like the above by photographer Anatoly. Most people have favorite colors soft and subtle colors in the photo, as well as the classic bass tones creates mysterious hard to resist the lure.

7. Working with flowers

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United is an ideal object photographed still lifes by taking them off the source emotions and create a multi-dimensional look. Viewers are vulnerable in front of a picture of an object is the mysterious flower colorful, it’s easy to reach the viewer’s emotions and create contiguity of mind through sight. Here, Magda took photos of tulips on a flat frame with a black background, and light shines focus on flowers make viewers pay attention to the bright red and yellow glow of the petal.

8. Select the Exposure Mode

This photo was deliberately kept dark patches to emphasize the highlights of the objects on the table for your attention and create a different atmosphere. You can easily get this effect using Adobe Camera Raw, by adjusting the black and highlights the inherently low-light images to be able to create a more intense contrast.

9. Take the advantages of the contrast of white

Using white as a background for the main shoot whiskey cup also transparent glass white photographs authors were able to create unexpected effects, when given to an outstanding light in color shades extremely luxurious gold. This effect will achieve the best results when you use the material is glass and the liquid, or a few slices of fresh fruit and finely sliced thin.

10. Reflection

Create reflections of objects in the image (you can do this by using a reflective surface, or add this effect in Photoshop), it will help provide a professional look for work you, and add some additional elements can be useful to a simple shots.

11. Improvisation with food

When it comes to shooting in life, there is nothing wrong when you start with the idea of shooting came from food – things associated with daily life is full of natural color and full flavor feel improvisation, as if to prove this great idea Mimonna photographer has created a very interesting picture.

12. Water

The colorful fruit when dropped into water immediately may increase the drama to a still image shot especially for the advertising. But remember that you might not have even the beautiful shots in the first time- step perseverance and hard work is essential!

13. Created your own concept

Of course when it comes to still life photography does not mean lad you think of taking the fruit basket or bottle, still life photography concepts are endless and you can create and test their own photography unique concept and much novelty – like author Ali was shot shown in the image above.

14. Emotion comes from the light

In addition to other factors, light is the most important aspect in the field of photography especially for still life photography. Photographers must understand the different aspects of the image they are using, they should know points to emphasize light and use the most appropriate. Here, the light has been used a very flexible way to create a vignette to balance the picture.

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