The experience of street life photography

“React quickly to the situation on the streets or frequent viewing and capture multiple sets is one of many experiences to take better streetlife”. Said by photographer Hai Thanh who is sharing his experiences for shooting this style.

According to the experience of a professional photographer, photographing street requires creativity, quick judgment and a certain amount of experience. If the studio or shooting portraits, the photographer can freely setup, choose the angle, lighting, then take the streets completely opposite.

“Streetlife is a large studio, where the context and the light are always changing. Therefore, people need quick shooting situations judgment, quick eyes, quick hands to take the best moments. However, photographing daily life sometimes you have to be patient. The moment does not approach, it is for the moment, and the photographer had to sit “soup”. When the subject, background and lighting can blend, it’s time for you to shoot good shots ownership “. Photographer Share

An experienced photographer should choose lenses and suitable equipment. According to Mr. Hai Thanh, zoom or prime feature. If the first zoom lens brings the benefits, it helps the photographer prime with the higher quality pictures, but this lens is only for those who exercised more and more hard to move. Regular street photography, photographer Hai Thanh using the 24-50mm focal favorite, especially the 35mm tubes. As for the camera, Mr. Hai Thanh has always favored Canon 1Ds Mark II chose as his companion to the creative process.

For good street photography, the photographer can set a higher ISO levels usually a bit. However, depending on the light, at different times, can set the parameters appropriate to the environment. The photos street requires that all access experience, observation, set angle to take beautiful photos. Accordingly, if the action taken, living, up to the light and location. Portraits should seek to take the time to become familiar with the characters first, then proceed to shoot. Sometimes the photographer also captured streetlife questions should choose the color or black and white tones, “There is no provision for the category streetlife put color. Depending on the photographer gu, color photos bring true information, but easy to glitzy, and brings black and white high contrast “, photographer Hai Thanh share

The most important aspect of photography is also the master of light, to master the light in the photo, the photographer needs a lot of practice observed light environments ranging from simple to complex to have experience known improvise and set specifications as desired. And when you have done all the above basic conditions, the ultimately important is to bring emotion to the photo, “See more, read more, shoot more and take the time to share your comments and help progress faster. Image life requires you to boldly, perseverance and self-confidence, independence of thought “

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