These components had made up the still-life photography

If the characteristic of photography in general is often seen as the capture and retain the correct in a moment, the still-life photography is really a unique type, different from the starting its point. Because, to put it correctly, still-life photographers rather “created” out of the picture rather than “capture” it. A photo perfection is an interesting structure, harmony of the elements: from ordering, building layout, surface texture, color, array of light and dark, the light treatment, balance, harmony level of the overall set of “protagonist”.

The following are important elements making up the distinctive features of the still-life photography:

1. Object

Diversity and endless…

There is no limit to the “main character” of photography still life: from natural creatures such as fruit and flowers to the living things of man, from the very ordinary objects as small as a dry garlic cloves, a matchstick to the peculiar object and harder to find as the skull, determined shipwreck …

…And arranged randomly

Contrary to popular myths about animal stills as a process that photographers must always carefully chosen objects and deliberate arrangement in the context of space and accordingly, a large part of photography Mascots stills impromptu way to find objects in nature.


How to select and work with objects in two different styles that form the two types of photographic still lifes: Created Still Life (Still life arrangements) and Found Still Life (Still Life is detected). If the Created Still Life, photographer arranged from start to finish in all aspects of work: such as bowls from selecting the size and shape how, how photosensitive surface, fruits should be presented, until arrangements where fruit bowl, on the bottom, like the angle, where the light effects and depth, … .; Found it in the still life, the Slovak photographers lens and finding unexpected angles of the little things outside.

Quiet expression but need got the dynamic.

With the strong improvement of technology, engineering, creation of still life photography went beyond its original limits (Audience stop completely immobile objects) which exploring sources new inspiration in the movement of objects in space. The appearance of elements such as liquids, fire, smoke, dust in the still-life photography has acted as individual objects, has created environmental campaigners object of lifes other. Continue to expand the space for experimental photography enthusiasts are also improved breakthrough technology allows recording motion moments and change the state of an object, such as falls, breaks, .. ..

The main broad range of subjects to approach non-binding helps photographers still life becomes flexible, evolving more, sometimes spontaneous, honest, sometimes intentionally full of contradictions, ambiguity; can be extremely simple, everyday life but also sometimes picky, surreal.

2. Background – wallpaper

Place the object in a context appropriate decision also no small part to the final result. Optimal plans are always the backdrop elegant and simple, because as more and more minimalist backdrop as ensuring the prominence of the main object. Usually there are two ways to arrange ideas for backdrop for works: The first is based on the contrast (usually plain backdrop, neglected surfaces which focused on exploiting color and light to create rivalry up with the main colors of the object); the second is based on the complementary (colors Backdrop of objects identical colors, surface textures and materials suggest the relationship with the object).

There’re some of common backdrop of still-life photography:

The black background

4n tjerhje

It’s not hard to realize a project is to be widely used in many photographic works are applied static background picture smooth, perfectly black. Plates black background completely caught effects created “suspended between darkness” extremely prominent object. In addition, black T also help cancel out the unwanted shadows by lighting angle, helping to strictly control the layout, create the absolute focus for the viewer, thereby easily create stillness and depth to the work.

Besides absolute black applied as a single space surrounding the object, black T stop behind objects, in combination with surface effects from material placed, often reminiscent of the familiar little direction still life painting classic painting seventeenth century, XVIII. Besides the photographic work under experimental art trends, the object nature of photography applications to create still lifes formal definition, ladylike for advertising products.

No need to have a professional studio for capturing static images on a black background. There are many simple ways to render fonts but need more training and experience to competently application and exact effect. Two common ways are: objects placed directly on black velvet using macro and flash shooting objects placed an ad a black background far enough to not catch light from the camera.

White background

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Applies equally popular black background, with white background appears a lot of product application as well as illustrations of the works of art. If minimalist black background, using a complete absorption of light to create a contrast, the image creates white background light pole arrested and given two options: minimalism and maximum and remove the ball when taking the area or in the direction of illumination, or cleverly arranged to shadow of the object becomes the second character of the work.

Backdrop “tone sur tone” with the object

Black and white shirts give photographers a simple way to build buzz thanks to the opposite effect, in contrast, the other a method of maintaining up-shirts minimalist criteria but requires a lot of investment, try more test and adjust the material for the light, that is how up-shirts based on the subject’s color. Use other objects in the distance as a backdrop is a technique also stayed in the background of the building still life photography. Treated with the same color tone with the focus of the image, cleverly combined with sliding technique definition will bring the extremely natural frame.


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These small light sources and low intensity outside of the region will focus bokeh effects create extremely impressive. Just a few grains of emulsion flakes reflective, powder glitter in the background when the lights set up or put small decorative lights flashing in the distance, when you focus foreground object placed in front, you will easily with a background blur, extremely impressive silky.

3. Light and shadow

Besides the background, light and shadow as well as the two elements are particularly important, should be employed in still-life photography. This is a tool to portray and highlight the texture, lines as well as the overall mass of the object. Thereby the air and deliberate about the photographer’s mood is spreading to the viewer.

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Photographers professional lifes often use soft box or light box for the light installation. The main task of these two devices is controlled, ensuring the uniformity of all the elements of light appears in the frame, from which “isolated object” a most accurate manner, so that the picture as there a separate environment, a personal story.

Professional studio lighting naturally very efficient and easy to adjust but natural daylight can also create effects such reviews if exploited properly. Use outdoor space can bring positive results, because although the sky is cloudy or clear-covered, bright can create a natural soft box, preventing the ball around too dark. Daylight from the window screening is also extremely effective when supported by the reflector plate.

Although it is difficult to control, but the ball is an important part of the art installation in still life photography. A directional light shines straight from the front can help portray detailed, sharp objects but easy to lose three-dimensional elements. Therefore angle oblique projection from behind and needs to be exploited. The low-angle or straight oblique projection from one side will emphasize the surface and contour objects, creating a long shadow effect, so that the object is to have more vivid.

Using the light from one side without the application of measures normally bright canopy can also bring interesting results. Streaks of dark shadows, sharper will occupy the space between objects. The distance between the various elements of the entire structure is no less important each particular audience, so this allows lighting to create shadows as an adhesive material made instant visual effects powerful shots.

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