Shooting with the sun’s rays

Shooting with the sun’s rays is one of the techniques that many photography lovers need to know. You are a lover of photography and beginner photographers entered the path should probably still lack many skills to be able to capture the artistic photos. So how to take pictures with the sun’s rays and starlight effects like? For all you photography skills with the sun’s rays so efficiently, photography classes at the Center for Photographic Photolife you would like to share with photography the sun’s rays.

These photos are the sun’s rays shine or sparkle of colored light as the stars are really beautiful. Maybe you think there must be skilled capturing such images. However, just a few simple installation steps and find a suitable spot is you can get impressive pictures without too much editing later.

How to take pictures with the sun’s rays
You absolutely can use point-and-shoot cameras (also known as travel camera or compact) to take pictures with the rays emanating from the sun or electric lights. But to get the best performance, you should use DSLR or mirrorless cameras can change and adjust the lens aperture. You should also use a UV filter to protect the sensor camera, because the rays snapshots requires that you point the lens directly into the sun. For the photo shoot starlight effects of electric light, the camera is fixed by important factors. So you’ll have to use a tripod or the remote shutter button to take pictures.
Techniques category this photo is taken using a small aperture around f / 22 and a wide angle lens, such as 18 mm. With a small aperture, the gate leaf (blade) in the lens will close only to leave a very small hole for passing light. Small aperture will make the light is diffracted or bent, making the score became glittering glow like the stars when light enters the sensor and recorded. You can visualize this process is like when you look at the lamp. At narrowed his eyes, you will see the light rays emitted light around it.

Different lenses have different import quantity leaves. Export as many leaves as it will create many twinkling light. Wider lens focal spot size also increases glistening. Wider focal length, the greater the bright spot.
As for the settings on the camera, you should shoot with aperture priority mode (the camera in Canon’s AV signatures, while Nikon denoted A) and set the aperture of f / 22. Should set low ISO, in the range of 100-200, because will put high ISO image noise. The camera will automatically select the shutter speed. If you see a photograph are too dark or too bright, you should switch to manual adjustment mode, still installed as aperture and ISO on, and adjust the shutter speed to be increased a little brighter picture or reduced shutter speed to get darker picture.
In terms of external light, such shooting at night, the shutter speed can be slow. You need to use a tripod for photos without blur. If you want to capture, you can manually apply the rule of thumb in photography. This rule says that you can take a photograph does not use a tripod if the shutter speed is greater than or equal to the focal length lenses. For example, you can take a picture with 18 mm lens with the shutter speed is 1/18 second or faster, or use a 50 mm lens with shutter speed 1/50 second or faster. However, if you want to capture starlight effects of electric light, the shutter speed will generally very slow, so you need to use a tripod or place it in a solid position. An alternative is to increase the ISO, but it will increase the noise in your photos.
Along with tripod, remote shutter button (which connects to the camera wired or wireless type) is useful. It helps you to avoid camera shake when you press a button. Without this device, you can use the function set the time taken after 2 seconds or 10 seconds. Remote shutter button also lets you use the term Exposure mode (Bulb mode) to keep the shutter speed longer than 30 seconds.

Time capture sunlight and starlight
Sunlight and starlight lamp power is generated from the spotlight focused rather than spread the light source or sources of light diffusion. Highlight the focus is where the light emitted from a single point, such as street lamps, car headlights, flash cameras, or even the opportunity to design decorative lamp delivery. Spread light source where light is emitted in a wider scope, such as fog lights, advertisement boards, neon. Diffuse light sources also is where the light is spread out very wide or very difficult to detect luminous points, such as the sun in the sky overcast, light softbox studio lights, or light reflected on the large surface area such as lakes etc …
Instructions on how to take pictures with the sun’s rays or not nhat3Mat daytime sky is a bright spot to focus, because it is often too bright and too wide to create light rays. So the best time to take pictures when the sun is rising sun or going diving, ie in the early morning or late afternoon. Shooting in the winter is also a good idea because then the sun is not too bright.

After you have selected the correct time of day to shoot, the next step is you “arranged” for the sun in his work by giving a portion of the sun peeks out from behind a tree or building. Whether partially obscured but still very bright sun. Its light can cover all over the scene in the picture. The sun was obscured partly also increase efficiency on the camera when closed gate. You put the camera in a position so that the sun completely hidden behind objects and imagine shooting position. Then, move the camera slowly until the sun began to emerge and shooting.

To effect the stars at night, you need to find the appropriate bright spot. Lights, traffic signal lights and car lights are bright spots favorite photographer. Because of the bright spots are not bright as the sun, so you do not need to hide it behind an object at all. You can combine all these points of light to form a “collection” of starlight encapsulated in a frame. The car headlights while moving will form the band of light, while the traffic signal lights will be turned into the stars sparkle.

Be patient and tested in many ways to take pictures with the sun’s rays. Only a slight change in angle and light weight also make a huge difference on the photo. The two photos below taken with a tree and two minutes apart. The difference here is the angle the photographer had taken back a few steps to the second sheet. Step back a few steps, the sun apparently after the foliage instead of being obscured by the trunk as in the first picture.
After mastering the photographs taken with a sun, you improve your photography with a photo containing “more sun”. The easiest way to have more sun in an image is to use reflected light. Reflections through many points and many different planes will create “the sun”. Please pay attention to the case of projection into a pond sunshine and vehicles. The photo below shows a lot of “the sun” was created by the reflection of light at the dent in the hood because of hail damage.

Starlight effects can be created from the decorative Christmas lights. Each small LED bulbs are a bright spot and it could turn into a star in your picture. Starlight effect will highlight the picture of Christmas, but you can also use strings of colored lights to create the effect of light so that any object that you select.
When using photo effects starlight city views, find destination has set many lighting street lamps. Take at blue hour to get the best effect. Green Now is the time before sunrise or when the sun sets, the sky was a dark blue. This blue when shooting with street lights will highlight the scene in your picture.

It was only a small number of photographic techniques that you know, the world of photography is limitless and awaits those who have a passion of photography as you explore. Cultivate yourself the most basic knowledge about photography so you can conquer the peak of the art of photography. Therefore, now, join register now leading photography course at Photolife Hanoi to equip yourself with the best knowledge about photography. After completion of photography classes at Photolife you can hold your camera everywhere, at any time to carry out his photography projects.

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