Advantages and applications of dry mortar in construction

Compared with conventional mortar, dry mortar ensures more stability and uniformity in terms of quality, longevity and aesthetics for the building.
What is dry mortar?

Dry mortar is a type of lightweight masonry mortar that has been pre-mixed with ingredients including sand, cement, water and some other mandatory additives in a certain ratio.

Dry mortar is used to build, plaster all kinds of brick walls, autoclaved aerated concrete or foam concrete bricks, calcium silicate bricks…

Advantages of dry mortar

Space saving

Because the dry mortar is already mixed, when used, the contractor does not need a space for mixing like a normal mortar, helping to save space effectively, especially for projects that are limited in area. like a townhouse.

Save construction time

To use dry mortar, we just need to add water according to the instructions on the package, then mix it quickly and use it all the time, saving time and speeding up the construction progress.

Good adhesion with very little use

Dosage of dry mortar is very small. The mortar thickness only needs to be 1/3 of that of traditional mortar construction to ensure very high adhesion.

Environmentally friendly and user’s health

Dry mortar is pre-mixed, packed in packaging and does not release dust into the environment, so during transportation and use, it is very friendly, safe for the environment and human health.
In addition, some product lines also have hygroscopic and antibacterial features, so they are very popular for repair and construction in public works such as hospitals, schools, both repairing and continuing. used without affecting other activities in the same space.

High aesthetics and durability

The composition of the dry mortar has been carefully screened, there are no impurities, the ingredients are also rotated by the machine very evenly during the production process, so it ensures more flatness and smoothness for the surface. Wall. Not only that, the composition of dry mortar also includes a number of additives that are effective in preventing yellow stains from appearing after a period of use as on conventional mortar.
Long life

Dry mortar has very high adhesion not only because it contains additives to enhance adhesion, but also because the raw materials used are completely clean and have been removed from harmful impurities such as mud and soil. , inorganic and organic impurities such as rotten wood, garbage… Thus ensuring a 2-3 times longer service life than traditional mortar.

Increase the waterproofing ability of the building

In the composition of dry mortar contains waterproofing additives, so using dry mortar will help increase the waterproofing ability of the building.

Application of dry mortar

With outstanding advantages and reasonable cost, convenient use … dry mortar is more and more widely used for civil and commercial works, in both areas with dry, humid climates, indoor and outdoor areas. interior and exterior.

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