Causes of paint film cracking

Wall surface is the first important aesthetic element of a house. If the paint layer on the wall surface has unexpected problems such as cracks in the crow’s feet, no matter how much investment is made in other details, the house cannot be as beautiful as it should be, even affecting the health of the house. life quality.
House walls are often affected by environmental factors. Especially when the weather is wet, steam penetrates deep into the paint cracks, causing peeling, patching and mold. So how can our dedicated house avoid this situation and keep its beauty for a long time?

First, it is necessary to understand why cracks in the paint film occur. The first common cause is structural cracking for new constructions of poor quality, after a while the wall cracks, causing the coating film to crack as well.

The second most common cause is the improper application of paint. Professional construction contractors all understand an extremely important feature that Vietnam’s weather is hot and humid. Therefore, the construction of any part needs to be calculated accordingly. Specifically, hot and humid weather causes the wall of the building to have a certain elasticity, so the paint must also have a compatible elasticity to prevent cracking of the paint film. The contractor in charge needs to have practical knowledge and experience with this issue to achieve the best results when applying the new paint.

There are 4 most common reasons for improper construction, causing the house to crack the paint film after a period of use: The first is the paint selection part, if the person choosing the paint does not have much knowledge of this area and has no experience. then it is possible to choose the wrong primer and incompatible topcoat. For example, a good primer often has elasticity, if combined with a coating that has less elasticity in hot weather, it will quickly cause cracks.

The second reason lies in the primer phase, the mixing ratio must be exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, too thin or too thick can affect the elasticity of the paint. The third reason is that the actual paint film is applied too thickly compared to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which also causes cracks.

In addition, the waiting time between primer and topcoat is also important. Must be correct and within the prescribed time, do not be too hasty when the primer is still wet, nor let the primer dry for too long, which will reduce the adhesion of the coating, causing the paint film to crack.

In order to have a durable paint layer over time, homeowners should choose a reputable paint that the contractor is familiar with in many projects. Reputable paint brands all have recommendations for customers to use the most compatible combination of primer and topcoat products. This is the result of research so that the product system is developed to optimize the strengths and minimize the occurrence of unexpected problems. Therefore, when choosing paint, homeowners should consider choosing paints according to suggestions from well-known manufacturers.
In addition, when applying, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions for use to mix the paint in the most appropriate ratio. In order for the house to keep a perfect and durable paint layer over time, it is also necessary to strictly follow the regulations on waiting time between coats to ensure the best effect, optimally 2 hours at normal temperature. 30°C and 80% ambient humidity.
To have a perfect, flawless wall, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the wall paint used. So what are the criteria to evaluate the quality of wall paint? Please refer to the detailed evaluation criteria below.
1. What is wall paint?

Wall painting is understood as the entire construction process of coating paint materials on the wall surface for the purpose of protecting and beautifying the wall. Paint products used in wall paint are usually water-based paints with diverse and rich colors, and the paint must also be able to adhere well to the wall surface with durability for many years.

2. Evaluation of the quality when painting the wall

To ensure the quality of the wall surface after painting, what technical standards must be met? Below will be a summary of the main standards taken as the basis for evaluating the quality of a beautiful wall, satisfactory or not.
The first criterion that many people care about when evaluating a beautiful wall is to look at the aesthetics of the wall. Sensory assessment will show users whether the color scheme is reasonable, harmonious or not? Is the wall paint color even? In it, note that the contiguous parts between the color patches when mixing need to be smoothed to create consistency.

2.2. Paint smoothness

The second criterion to evaluate paint quality is the smoothness of the paint film. With a well-constructed, standard wall, the paint film will be tight, smooth, and no paint streaks will appear. In particular, when treating walls before painting, it is necessary to thoroughly remove even the smallest cracks.

2.3. Paint film durability

The most important metrics to evaluate the quality of wall paint during construction include the life of the paint film and the paint color fastness.

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