Wall paint colors never go out of fashion

Paint color is an important factor in the beauty of your home. Which paint color to choose for that beauty to last with time?
Color tones that last over time


White is one of the simple colors that bring a rustic beauty, sophistication but no less luxury. White color brings a feeling of peace after every working and relaxing day. In particular, it will be very suitable for those who love the minimalist decoration style of minimalism with luxury and modernity. This color is always chosen by many high-class apartments, townhouses, and villas because of its brightness and comfort.
White is always the first choice for homeowners who like modernity and sophistication. Moreover, this color gamut is quite easy to combine with other colors, whether you choose the color according to feng shui or you choose the color freely according to your preferences.


Gray color is suitable for modern decoration, furniture is simple but delicate. Gray color is now popular with young people, like the type that doesn’t need to be dazzling but luxurious. When choosing a neutral color like this gray, it will be easy to combine the decorations in the office to make the background for those items.
This is a youthful color suitable for modern homes, but it also works great when combined with a retro classic style. This will be an interesting color for your interior.
Cream color is a subtle mix of white and brown. This color brings a feeling of lightness and tranquility but is very elegant and luxurious. You should use this color for the living room space to bring elegance and closeness to the guests visiting the house. In addition, cream color also brings a feeling of nostalgia and tradition, so it can be used for families with elderly people.


The color of the vast blue ocean, the color of the cool sky with cool, fresh air will be one of the interior colors that many households dream of. When blue brings new hope, joy and acts as a spiritual friend when stressed, according to research, blue helps relieve anxiety, become more optimistic.
It is no coincidence that many flags of organizations around the world have the color blue. Because it represents friendship and peace, bringing warmth and closeness to family members. That is the reason for the blue to live forever over time.

Classic color schemes, not boring

Black + white + gray = classic
Black combined with white can create a strong visual effect, while gray helps to reduce the visual conflict between black and white. This combination will create a reasonable, tidy and professional space.

Blue + white = romantic and warm
Yellow + green = joy of new life
Yellow is a bright and gentle color, representing the joy of new life, suitable for decorating rooms for young people. Green gives people a feeling of calm, serenity, can neutralize the lightness of yellow to become bright and vivid without losing the new atmosphere. This color palette is very suitable for young couples.

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