Principles when choosing paint colors for the living room

Paint color contributes significantly to the decoration of the room. In addition to following personal preferences, the main color of the living room also depends on many factors.
Define a clear style for the living room

Before deciding to paint, be very clear: what style do you want your living room to look like? With each style, the living room has a corresponding main color, you definitely must not confuse this.

If you are a nostalgic person who likes to use antique wooden furniture, the color of chicken feathers or ivory should still be the first choice. Light colors will help enhance the beauty of wooden furniture.

If you want the living room to have a modern style, you should choose purple, purple gray as the main color. In addition to luxury and sophistication, purple color also brings a feeling of wealth and success.
The paint color will be more beautiful when there is enough natural light. To be more sure, you can put the paint on the color before showing it on the living room wall or ask for the advice of experienced and professional people.

A safe solution for you when choosing a living room paint color that balances the natural light element is not to choose a color that is too light or too dark. Because this can cause eye discomfort when natural light shines on.

Choose paint colors according to feng shui

Orientals are especially important to home feng shui, especially for the living room. Choosing the right living room paint color for feng shui helps your family receive good fortune and avoid uncertainties. A paint color that is suitable for the owner of the house often brings good things and fortune.

According to feng shui, between color and the owner there is a relationship according to the Five Elements. Red belongs to Fire, green belongs to Wood, blue and gray belongs to Water, white belongs to Metal, yellow belongs to Earth.

Choose paint color according to direction
If the living room is facing a lot of light, sometimes causing a feeling of heat and glare, choose cold paint colors to neutralize, create balance and comfort.

Living rooms with a northeast direction often catch the monsoon in the winter, so warm colors such as orange, light pink are appropriate choices. The Northwest direction is very hot in the afternoon, so the cool colors will create a pleasant feeling for the living room in this direction.

Choose the color according to the area

Another factor you need to pay attention to when choosing paint colors for the living room is the size of the room. A room of varying widths and sizes will also suit certain paint colors. Accordingly, if you own a living room with a modest area, prioritize choosing bright colors to expand the space with this room, some suitable paint colors such as: white, light yellow, green, white cream… However, if your living room is large, feel free to choose paint colors according to your preferences and family members.

One trick to help you own a more harmonious living room is to paint the ceiling a lighter color than the surrounding walls. This way helps to cheat the area quite perfectly and makes the living room airy and more comfortable.

The paint color matches the eye’s reaction

For many households, the living room is not only a place to receive guests, but also an entertainment and regular living area for family members. Therefore, you should choose paint colors that are pleasant to the eyes, do not choose colors that are too bright or too dark. Because they can be beautiful, but they make you feel uncomfortable when exposed for too long or often.

Use wallpaper instead of painting
Many people think that wall paint is cheaper and more durable than wallpaper. However, the reality is quite the opposite. This is a rather rigid concept. With the advantage of diverse designs and rich colors, wallpaper is gradually becoming more popular in living room decoration. The most outstanding feature of wallpaper compared to paint is the quick construction time and no unp

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