Experience in choosing furniture for small bathrooms


For small apartments, the choice of bathroom model is very important. Often architects will design bathrooms in the style of a separate glass bathroom, with a separate toilet and washbasin, creating convenience in use as well as living. Here are some small bathroom furniture selection experiences, readers can refer to.
Choose bathroom tiles to clean clean and beautiful
Bathroom tiles are very important, requiring high aesthetics, shiny, waterproof. Note when choosing tiles, you should choose a large size to create fewer circuits that are easy to clean while creating the effect of more spacious, airy and luxurious space.

Should choose vertical tiles for small luxury bathrooms will make the room feel taller, spacious and airy.

Buy a washbasin that is commensurate with a small bathroom

Choose the size of the basin that needs to be unified and in harmony with the whole bathroom space. The bathroom has a small space, you should choose round or semicircular washbasins that can be installed in the corner of the room, saving space.

Choose the right shower for a small bathroom

Small bathroom, you should use a simple faucet, the distance is not too high than the lavabo. Because using the shower will easily wet other sanitary equipment or make the floor slippery.

Choose the right bathtub for your bathroom

The apartment has a small, medium bathroom, but the owner can choose the bathroom design with a toilet or not. Particularly for small bathrooms, you can choose a corner bath to optimize space.

Currently, all types of bathroom bathtubs use composite material as the core and then cover the outside with layers such as: pearl, crystal, galaxy, … to increase resistance to stains and yellowing.

Choose a mirror to decorate the bathroom with feng shui

Hanging mirrors need to be in balance with the bathroom space, regardless of how big or small the mirror is, but rectangular hanging mirrors are always meant to bring good luck. You should install more light bulbs in the bathroom to both provide light and help highlight the elegance and sophistication of the interior.
Choose smart cabinets

Decorating the bathroom interior by installing a smart cabinet is also a suggestion for small and narrow spaces. Shelves are used to store accessories such as towels, swimsuits or cosmetics, brushes, toothpaste…

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