Technical characteristics of wall paint


Of course, each paint product will have its own unique technical characteristics announced by the manufacturer. Evaluating the effectiveness of these characteristics will be the basis for determining whether the paint application process meets the standards or not.

For example, with the introduced paint line that has cooling and heat-reducing properties for the wall surface, but in reality, when compared to other common wall surfaces, there is no difference. In this case, the problem may lie in the fact that the paint layer and primer do not meet the standard thickness, leading to the paint film not promoting the heat reduction effect for the wall surface as announced by the manufacturer. manufacture.

3. Factors affecting the quality of wall paint

3.1. Paint product quality

One thing is for sure, poor quality paint products will not be able to create a beautiful wall. Therefore, choosing quality, reputable and branded paint products is very important, helping to ensure the aesthetic effect and protective ability of the wall paint as desired.

Besides, quality wall paint products will also ensure safer for users, do not contain harmful ingredients that affect health or pollute the environment. Reputable manufacturers such as Dubai Paint will integrate into their products preeminent properties, thereby effectively overcoming common problems encountered with painted surfaces such as dirt, mildew, moisture absorption, etc. moldy or discolored…vv

3.2. Color quality
The wall paint is always affected by the weather, the sunlight outside or the alkali released inside the wall. These effects permanently affect and discolor the paint, also known as discolouration. Therefore, good color quality will ensure that the paint color is more resistant to these effects, durable for a long time, making the house always look like new.

Currently paint colors are divided into 2 main sources: inorganic colors and organic colors. In which inorganic color will have a longer life, inorganic color fired at high temperature will have a longer life than ordinary inorganic color.

3.3. Paint construction techniques

Construction technique is also one of the “key” factors that determine the quality of wall paint. The standard paint application process includes 5 steps. In it, each step plays an important role in creating the perfect painted surface.
Surface treatment: In order to increase the good adhesion to the paint film, increase the life of the paint film.

– Waterproof treatment: Helps increase paint film durability, limit mold, ensure wall structure.

– Use putty: To create a flat wall surface, increase the ability to bond between the wall and the paint film.

– Primer: Increases durability and bonding ability between putty and topcoat, and at the same time resistant to alkalis, ensuring standard paint colors.

– Paint coating: Plays the role of a “coat” to cover the color, protecting the outermost surface of the wall.

3.4. Paint construction conditions

Choosing favorable weather conditions also greatly affects the quality of wall paint. Currently, most high-end paint products are manufactured specifically to adapt to the climate conditions in Vietnam. However, during the paint application process, it is necessary to ensure the appropriate weather conditions (temperature, humidity) so as not to reduce the quality of the paint film.

If applied to the wall in too humid or too dry weather conditions, it will also adversely affect the quality of the painted surface of the wall after construction. Normally, the wall humidity when applying paint should only be at 20-30%, which is the most reasonable. Regarding the temperature when applying paint, it is also important to pay attention not to paint the outside wall when the outdoor weather temperature is too high.

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