Interior design solutions to brighten up living space

Natural light in the house is a factor that we need to consider carefully when we intend to shop, renovate, build or design a home.
One of the main reasons is energy efficiency because the cost of lighting a home usually accounts for about 10% of a household’s electricity cost. Moreover, natural light also helps to warm the house.

Using natural light instead of relying on lights helps reduce your electricity bill, thereby saving you a significant amount of money each month.

Paint color, furniture

The ideal paint color for optimizing natural light is white or lighter colors with cool undertones, such as brown or blue. Even the border around the window if painted white is enough to make a significant difference. The glossy metal surface on the ceiling also reflects light.

Conversely, dark colors will absorb light. If the main paint color is in favor of light colors, then darker colors can be used as accents through smaller items such as pillows or decorations.
Furniture with light colors, made from fabrics such as cotton, linen will make the room much brighter than furniture made of thick fabrics such as velvet or brocade.


Mirrors reflect light to different areas and nooks and crannies in the room. That makes the mirror a great assistant in dark, narrow rooms.

Some ideas to maximize natural light with mirrors are to mount a few small mirrors on the wall, use reflective furniture (mirror furniture, chrome furniture, glass) or even cladding mirror on the inside of the bookshelf.

Main door

Usually, people tend to design the main door tightly, but consider adding a small opening above the main door. There are many door designs that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing while still allowing light to pass through.

Pop up a window or widen a window

The larger the balcony door frame, or the larger the window, the greater the amount of natural light entering the house. Therefore, widening the door frames in the house is a fairly simple way to brighten up the space.
Usually, in the windy direction and early sunshine will be the preferred place for opening large door frames. Moderate light and continuous air circulation will bring you a more comfortable feeling than the hot afternoon sun or the oppressiveness when the air cannot circulate.

In addition, with wide door frames, you should use more curtains to adjust the amount of light just right. At the same time, choose more flower pots or small ornamental plants to both beautify and create a softer feeling for the interior space.
The design of the skylight is just right, neither too small nor too large. If it is too small, there will not be enough light to cover the house, and it will look unsightly. And if it is too big, it will cause too much sunlight to enter the house, which is not good, heating the house, ultraviolet UV rays harm health.

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