11 interior trends in the world

The world’s leading architecture website ArchDaily has compiled the interior trends that are expected to become increasingly popular.
Green Design

Indoor plants have become an integral part of interior design projects. In particular, large trees are increasingly popular.
Since 2020, the concept of “green design” has become popular. It aims to improve the health, human spirit in particular and the ecosystem in general. In the future, people will see many buildings using recycled wood, hanging plants, “green” walls and oversized trees.

Furniture made of natural fibers

The application of natural fibers such as rattan, bamboo, reed or sugarcane is a popular trend in the furniture industry. Natural fibers can be used in chairs, rugs, lamps and are often combined with modern designs.

“chubby” design
The models of chairs, coffee tables, sofas and lamps with curved and round shapes seem to bring the owner back to his childhood. They bring youthfulness, fun, and modernity to the living space and are easy to combine with many housing styles.
The arch is a feature of traditional Western architecture and is being “revived” by architects and interior designers. Recently, many constructions in Asia, including Vietnam, also use domed details.

In addition to the entrance, arches also appear in windows and mirrors. It softens and enhances the aesthetics of the space.

Small working corner
As more people work from home, housing flexibility becomes even more important. For the living space, the working corner should not be too formal and should be in harmony with other areas. That leads to the appearance of working corners that are integrated with large furniture, for example hidden behind cabinets or adjacent to bookshelves.
Leaving the handles in the kitchen cabinets brings a sense of seamlessness and neatness, especially suitable for those who like minimalism. Instead of a handle, the cabinet door can be designed with a magnetic push pin inside or a gap above for easy opening.

Furniture integrated stairs

To take advantage of space, many projects have integrated storage with stairs or turned the stairs into a part of large furniture such as tables and shelves.

Colorful bathroom
Bathrooms are no longer all white but have begun to use more vibrant colors. With colors such as pale pink, yellow, navy or olive green, the bathroom brings a lot of energy and makes the living space more impressive.

Open and flexible space
Instead of fixed partition walls, architects and interior designers now prefer flexible space division solutions such as curtains, movable walls. Thus, homeowners can actively change the living space according to their needs at each time.

Terrazzo isn’t just for floors

Terrazzo stone was used by Venetians for flooring more than 500 years ago. In 2019, this material began to be popular again.

In the next 10 years, Terrazzo will continue to appear in many works, not only on the floor but also in kitchen tables, living room furniture. Terrazzo patterns are also printed into wallpaper or woven into carpets.

Wood and concrete in original state
Using raw concrete and wood for ceilings, walls and floors is a trend. The combination of these two materials creates a rustic yet cozy and sophisticated look, while saving maintenance costs for homeowners.

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