House on stilts made of concrete, stone – A combination of modern and traditional

House on stilts is a unique architectural work imbued with the cultural identity of ethnic minorities. Over time, wooden houses on stilts are degraded, and materials for making wooden stilt houses are increasingly scarce, so many households build houses on stilts with other materials such as concrete, stone… With low cost, long service life, contributing to forest protection, building stone or concrete stilt houses has been and is the choice of ethnic minorities in Cao Bang.
Stone or concrete stilt houses have the same structure and design as conventional stilt houses. However, instead of using materials such as bamboo and wood, this model is made of stone mixed with mortar or reinforced concrete, but still retains the traditional beauty and ensures the living habits of the people. This is considered as a new trend both to keep the traditional house on stilts and to contribute to the protection and development of forests in the province.

In the context of increasingly scarce timber for houses, in order to preserve the tradition of stilt houses, many people switch to building houses made of stone or combined with reinforced concrete. Mrs. Trieu Thi Chay’s family, from Ban Gun – Khuoi Ky hamlet, Dam Thuy commune (Chong Khanh) switched to building stone houses on stilts combined with concrete. Converting in construction materials, the house on stilts still follows the traditional architecture, which is both convenient in daily life and modern.

Ms. Chay shared: My family’s house was built nearly 2 years ago, I find that not using wood to build a house helps my family save a lot of money. Instead, the use of stone materials combined with concrete makes the house stronger, does not need much repair and still retains the familiar lifestyle of the stilt house.

To resemble the traditional wooden pillar houses, many people often paint the columns and walls with imitation wood grain. Basically, the structure of houses on stilts made of stone or concrete has not changed much but is designed and used materials in a more modern direction to bring solidity, spaciousness, and at the same time keep the style of the house. traditional way of life of the mountainous ethnic people.

The development of life has led to an increase in people’s aesthetic needs. However, it is not because of that that the characteristically bold architectures are faded; The uniqueness of ancient architecture always holds a special position in modern times. The same goes for houses on stilts, although there are more or less changes in structure and construction materials, but basically, with high technology and high level of art, eye-catching decoration, the houses on stilts are still on stilts. made of stone or concrete, both retain the characteristics of traditional stilt houses

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