Ceiling mounted furniture makes small apartments more comfortable

Ceiling mounted furniture, manufactured by Bumblebee Spaces, has been applied to a number of apartments in The Smile apartment building, New York. This is a unique idea to help small apartments become more comfortable and save space.
Bumblebee Spaces company in San Francisco (USA) has come up with the idea of ​​​​mounting furniture to the ceiling, an effective space handling solution in small apartments. Modular and ceiling-mounted storage system, controlled by voice or phone app.
The interior system was designed by former Apple and Tesla engineers. They wanted to exploit the space not only in the floor surface but also in the area above the ceiling. With this design, homeowners can completely “hide” the wardrobe, bed, and desk on the ceiling when not in use, helping to keep the floor area open when performing other activities. The main material of this type of interior is wood, which makes the overall space cozy and modern.

By using ceiling mounted furniture, the living room can be quickly transformed into an office or a bedroom. The space changes constantly, both saving space and bringing a new experience to users. The minimalist design is also a plus point that helps the ceiling mounted interior of Bumblebee Spaces fit into many spaces.

In addition to the feature of raising and lowering the interior, with the beds, this system also attaches a heat sensor so that the bed does not close when a user is on it.

Currently, the price of ceiling mounted furniture ranges from 12,000 to 14,000 USD. This is a very useful step in interior design, meeting the needs of many users, helping to make daily life no longer hindered by area issues.
Similar to traditional stairs, vertical stairs also have their own advantages and limitations. Understanding these characteristics, homeowners will have a way to choose the right type of stairs for the family’s living space.
Advantages of vertical stairs

The first and most obvious advantage of vertical stairs is to save space and free up space for the house.

Compared with other types of traditional stairs such as round stairs, curved stairs … vertical stairs do not separate the space into different functional blocks. Thanks to this advantage, the space of each floor in houses using vertical stairs is always seamless and continuous.
Vertical stairs make it easier to move on the same floor plan because there are no obstacles and separate spaces.

The area under the stairs can also be used to arrange a restroom or storage space … depending on the needs of the owner.

Aesthetically, a wide variety of materials and architectural styles can be applied in the design of vertical stairs. In addition to meeting function, aesthetics is also a top concern in interior design, especially for young families.

Disadvantages of vertical stairs

Although there are many advantages, the biggest disadvantage of the vertical staircase design is that there is no landing because it is located on a straight line. This is the limitation of this type of stairs compared to other traditional stairs.
The lack of a bed inadvertently causes fatigue when moving, transporting furniture, moreover, for families with elderly people and children, this is a big disadvantage.

Things to know when designing stairs along the house

Stairs are always likened to the backbone of the house, creating a seamless connection between floors. Besides, the stairs also have a great influence on the feng shui element of the overall building. Therefore, when designing stairs, grasping the basic principles is essential.

Ensure safety

When designing stairs along the house, first attention must be paid to safety, then to aesthetics. Because that’s the way to the floor with increasing height. Failure to ensure safety will be dangerous for users, especially families with young children and the elderly.

Ensure aesthetics

To design the stairs along the house to ensure the aesthetic elements, the first step of the ladder must be rotated perpendicularly. If placed in the living room, it is advisable to arrange a partition for the stairs, a vertical bar system to avoid direct direction from the main door.

Stairs must be clear throughout the floors. This will make the floors easy to move, without going through an intermediary stage, and at the same time create ventilation for the house.

For narrow tube houses, the stairs must be in harmony with the interior design space. In response to modern architectural trends, tube house stairs are improved with many designs so you can choose the right type of stairs.
The stairs should not be placed in the middle of the house because according to feng shui, this will not be good for the relationships (friends, partners, spouses) of the owner. Should not be placed in the direction of the main door, toilet and kitchen.

Do not make the stairs too long because the longer it is, the weaker the air circulation between the two floors.

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