The ship-shaped house is reminiscent of sea-loving souls

The house between Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay in Michigan is an icon of the area. It was designed as a ship and was originally a gathering place for the family of Barbara Baum Freethy. With the exterior like a ship and overlooking the sea, the house makes occupants forget they are on land.
Barbara said this particular house was designed and started construction in 1935. William Baum worked for an insurance company but was not satisfied with this profession. William’s greatest passion is sailing, so he also owns several wooden boats.

On a land of more than 3,000 m2, William left 160 m2 to build a house. After completion in 1936, the house became his and his wife’s residence. Barbara’s family visits this place in the summers.
Not only looks like a ship, the interior space is also reminiscent of sea life through paintings and decorations. William also decorated his house with life rafts and ship models.

In the living room, the owner places a rudder in front of a row of windows overlooking the sea. “When you’re at the wheel, you just see the sea, so you don’t think you’re on land. For kids, it’s amazing,” Barbara said.
William died in 1970. Since then, the house has been vacant because none of his three children agreed to take over the building.

The house is currently for sale for $750,000.

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