Some experience and how to glue tiles

Learn about the structure and characteristics of tiled concrete roofs
As a type of reinforced concrete roof of the whole block, which is sloped according to the slope of the roof, then tiled on top thanks to the adhesion between the tile and the concrete surface, the concrete roof possesses advantages such as noise resistance, keeping for a clean attic space, free of dust and dirt in the air as well as enhancing the durability of the roof when facing storms. In the following article, we will analyze the structure of the tiled concrete roof and some experiences when applying the correct tile technique.
1. Structure of tiled concrete roof

The structure of tiled concrete roof is quite complicated, including 6 layers:
Concrete ceiling: To ensure the durability of the roof as well as help the roof have good bearing capacity, the ceiling needs to use concrete with grade 200. In some special cases or customers’ specific requirements in terms of bearing capacity. of the new roof structure is used up to 300 because the higher the concrete, the more likely it is to crack in hot and humid climates. On the contrary, if technicians use concrete grade below 200, it is easy to cause seepage and leakage.

– Cement mortar layer: Thanks to this layer, the roof is waterproof, minimizing the ability to absorb moisture

– Gachmat against heat

– Reinforced mesh layer

– Specialized cement layer with glazing agent

– Tile layer: Depending on the cost of each person and the characteristics that choose waveform color tiles, it can be fake tiles. The price of concrete roof tiles and stickers is about 6500 VND/piece.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of using tiled concrete roofs

With 6 layers structure as above, concrete roof; Tile adhesive will have the following advantages and disadvantages:


– Increase the durability of the roof when facing storms and heavy rain; Because it is glued with 2 layers of concrete and a layer of tile, when it comes to storms, heavy rain; tile roof will be less affected. This ensures the safety of your home.

– Good noise resistance, sun protection and waterproofing thanks to the thick and heavy design

– Anti-theft and pry: The old-fashioned tile layers will have gaps between the tiles. Therefore, when it rains heavily, it will be splashed with water. Not to mention, there is also the possibility of thieves breaking into the house. With the 6-layer structure as above, the roof is concrete; gluing tiles will help homeowners eliminate this worry. Cons:

– Because the design and structure are more complicated than that of roof tiles, the construction time of concrete roofs is higher; Gluing tiles usually takes quite a while.

– In case of cracks, leaks, concrete roofs; Gluing tiles will be more difficult to handle than roof tiles.

– The construction method of sloping concrete roof is quite dangerous, especially in rainy and windy weather. Some buildings such as high-rise buildings will not be suitable for tile installation; due to the sloping concrete roof, as well as not really guaranteeing the adhesion between the tile and the concrete. The cost of roofing is also higher than other types of roof.

3. Some experience and how to glue tiles; on the concrete roof so that the technique is correct

– Stretch the wire to get the reinforcement, for small wave tiles, stick from left to right; and from right to left for big wave tiles

– Stick the cement mortar on the left side of the tile to be roofed. When the mortar reaches the appropriate hardness, remove the excess with a trowel; and smooth and then glue the tile; onto the concrete roof deck. Note that the rows of concrete tiles need to be glued on top of each other; about 2/3 of the length of the tile to ensure that the roof tiles always overlap.

– While inlaid, we do not let the mortar stick on the surface of the product for too long; Use a rag as soon as it gets dirty.

– The distance of the roof raceway must be in accordance with the collision standard; if the distance is too large, the roof tiles will be far apart; and affect the waterproofing ability.

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