Things to know about Asphalt  concrete

Asphalt concrete is increasingly used in the construction industry thanks to its outstanding properties. This article invites readers to learn in detail what Asphalt concrete is and its structure and classification.
What is Asphalt Concrete?

Asphalt concrete is a type of concrete made by mixing bitumen, sand, gravel, crushed stone… with different sizes depending on the needs of each product as well as the purpose of the user.

Asphalt concrete is also known as asphalt concrete and it is most used to make the structure of road surfaces, especially airport roads, highways, city roads.
People will proceed to make Asphalt concrete by two methods:

– Hot mixing method: To create Asphalt concrete by hot mixing, it requires the materials to be heated at a temperature of 140 – 180°C, the mineral powder needs to be loose, dry, and free of lumps. At this time, the hot conveyor is transferred to the mixer, the plastic is heated and mixed inside the mixing tank.

– Cold mixing method: When making Asphalt concrete by cold mixing, the material does not need to be heated, bitumen needs to be kept in liquid form. Then proceed to mix like the steps of the hot mixing method.

Outstanding properties of Asphalt . concrete

Asphalt concrete properties will change significantly depending on temperature conditions:

– When at low temperature, Asphalt concrete often has brittle properties.

– When at normal temperature, Asphalt concrete has high elasticity and plasticity.

– When at high temperature, Asphalt concrete will have plasticity.

As for the mechanical properties, Asphalt concrete depends largely on the stability of different conditions:

– With compressive strength at a temperature of 50°C, indicating the stability of concrete materials.

– With compressive strength at 20°C is the standard degree of concrete.
With compressive strength at 0°C indicates resistance to cracking.

Asphalt concrete, in addition to containing bituminous minerals, will contain roughening mixtures, fine-grained plastic stone, high-grade plastic stone …

The main role of Asphalt . concrete

– When playing the role of small aggregate, Asphalt concrete assumes the task of filling the voids in between the large aggregate particles. From there, it will increase the density and ensure the certainty of the work.

– When acting as a large aggregate, Asphalt concrete assumes the role of a sturdy frame capable of bearing loads. This will increase the volume of the mixture, thereby reducing the cost, reducing the optimal cost.

– When playing the role of mineral powder, Asphalt concrete will help increase the area of ​​the aggregate surface. From there it will change the structure of bitumen, the consistency of the mixture increases.

– When acting as bitumen, Asphalt concrete will be combined with mineral powder and form an aggregate binder. In addition, it will be used to create plasticity for the Asphalt concrete mix when conducting construction.

Asphalt . concrete classification

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