Green materials made from industrial wood

Green materials have the same uses as traditional materials but are produced and used from materials that are not harmful to the environment, can be recycled. Using green materials in home interior decoration is becoming a trend favored by many homeowners and highly appreciated by construction experts.
What is green material?

Green materials have the same uses as traditional materials but are produced and used from materials that are not harmful to the environment, can be recycled.

Furthermore, the life cycle of green materials is from the moment it is manufactured to the end of its shelf life. At the same time can be strictly controlled to ensure no negative impact on the environment. Therefore, this material is very safe for the health of the user.

Benefits in the furniture industry

With the name green material, it has partly helped users know the composition and benefits that it brings to the future home of the owner. However, to help people fully understand the positive value that green materials bring, such as:

– Create a quality house space and ensure people’s health.

– Green materials can be regenerated and help homeowners save on repair costs of green materials. Minimize toxic substances and do not affect human health and the surrounding environment. Thereby reducing the pollution of the surrounding environment, contributing to sustainable urban architectural space and high aesthetics.

Popular green materials

Here are some green materials chosen by many homeowners and it has become a trend in the interior industry. Specifically:

Green material made from stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the materials rated as “green” because of its applicability and recyclability. With strong characteristics, high durability, not affected by natural factors, stainless steel is applied in the production of all kinds of products, typically wood grain steel doors to replace traditional materials. .

The wood grain steel door series has the characteristics of no warping, no termites, no color fading, up to several decades of use, helping homeowners save replacement costs as well as reduce the need to use wood for doors. , help protect forest resources.


Industrial wood is a type of wood whose structure is made from environmentally friendly materials. This material is not taken directly from perennial natural woods, but from short-term plantation timber. This helps to keep the forest area unaffected and contributes to reducing the exploitation of natural timber.

Currently, the trend in the world, all countries are encouraging the use of industrial wood to replace natural wood in order to protect ecological resources for the environment. Moreover, the quality of the laminate surface is highly appreciated with many creative, aesthetic and emotional designs.

Green materials are made from rattan, bamboo and cork

This source of materials is very close and familiar to Vietnamese architecture from the past. So far these natural materials are increasingly popular in interior design and are the future trend.
Thanks to their outstanding characteristics such as high strength, flexibility and good bearing capacity, many architects take advantage and use them in the design of some residential spaces.

Moreover, green material products made from rattan, bamboo are clean products and ensure the health of users. This product helps to make the space lighter, softer and more friendly.

Green materials made from XPs foam
XPs foam normally has a thickness of 15 – 18cm with the use of saving power consumption from 343 – 344 Wh/m2. This material also has very good sound insulation, so it will be suitable for houses located near national roads or crowded residential areas.

Materials made from lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete has negligible weight and is quite resistant to explosions and heat insulators. As a result, your home space is more air-conditioned and comfortable. This material is very suitable for our current climate conditions.

Unburnt wall tiles

Wall tiles are an indispensable material for any residential space. This material takes up quite a large area in your house. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the residential space, this tile is used with vibration and compression technology along with acrylic adhesive, so it is safer than other common materials.

With the technology of producing tiles in the air, it creates a lot of CO2 and is environmentally friendly. Besides, using natural stone powder should have high durability, good waterproofing ability in all types of space.

Glass fiber

This green material is very popular for any space. It is used from recycled materials with bio-adhesive manufacturing methods. Therefore, the product has the characteristics of long life and helps to save costs compared to other insulation materials. Therefore, this green material is chosen by many people.

VOC-free paint

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds is a term used to refer to a mixture of toxic organic substances in the air that can be harmful to humans.

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