Advantages of wood imitation aluminum doors

Wood imitation aluminum doors are currently chosen by many people because of their advantages of durability, beauty, luxury space, light weight, easy installation and replacement.
Advantages of wood imitation aluminum doors

Wood imitation aluminum doors are doors manufactured from powder-coated aluminum with textures, patterns, and colors similar to natural wood grain. This material has many advantages, so it is widely used in housing projects.
– Diversity, many sizes, colors: suitable for many design styles, highly aesthetic, bringing luxury to living space.

– Ability to bear, sound yoke, heat insulation: with high-grade alloy structure, wood imitation aluminum doors do not warp, bearing capacity, strong impact. This type of door is equipped with a system of rubber gaskets to create a tight fit for the door, so it has good sound and heat insulation.

– Light weight, easy to construct and install: sturdy design with aluminum frame assembled together in the form of a tube with a void inside. The aluminum back always has two small parallel lines that play the role of shaping and increasing rigidity and sustainability.

– Long life and safety: Wood imitation aluminum doors have a protective oxide film and are coated with a strong electrostatic paint on the outside to not corrode or rust. Not only that, this material is also reusable, ensuring economic efficiency, but also contributes to avoiding pollution and damage to the environment.

– Easy to clean and clean: the protective gloss paint makes the surface of the wood imitation aluminum door smooth and smooth, reducing the friction and adhesion of dirt, so it is easy to clean and clean.

About the design style of wood imitation aluminum doors is quite diverse, suitable for each installation position in the house. Usually, this type of door has the main installation type: swing door and sliding door or swing door, ..

Wood imitation aluminum door application

Wood grain aluminum doors are used quite commonly today in residential construction projects. You can use it in combination with glass to have both ventilation, luxury and still have privacy.

In the position of the entrance door, it is common to use a 2-leaf wooden imitation aluminum door model with a relatively large size. For houses designed according to the structure of villas and villas, 4-leaf wooden fake aluminum doors are also chosen a lot.
Bedroom aluminum doors often have a fairly wide width, doors combine aluminum and glass in the ratio of 50-50 or 70-30 to bring ventilation but still ensure privacy for the room space. .

Balcony doors, wood grain aluminum windows are often combined with glass to help ensure natural light and airy space.

The toilet wood imitation aluminum door also has the same structural design as the bedroom door, but the size is usually a bit smaller and on it may have a more sophisticated and detailed pattern.

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