Suggestions for beautiful window frames for the house

A beautiful house, in addition to taking care of interior and exterior design, a must-have condition is a beautiful window frame so that natural light can flood the beauty of all furniture in the room and open to see the world. around.
From classic materials such as bamboo and wood windows to modern designs such as steel core plastic, aluminum, iron, glass… each window design brings its own beauty to the house.
Modern apartments often have windows, aluminum and glass walls, or steel core plastic doors with tempered glass material. This is the optimal solution for apartments because the glass wall still ensures the brightness of the room when the door has to be closed to avoid rain and wind.

Also quite a few houses on the ground also choose plastic doors – aluminum glass or windows, glass walls with wooden frames because of the modern beauty in design as well as the ease of arranging furniture in the house.
And of course, with glass doors, you still need curtains to ensure privacy when needed. There are many types of curtains to choose from such as fabric curtains, wooden blinds, rainbow curtains… And the beautifully designed curtains, rich, soft, bright colors and patterns are also the favorites of many homeowners. enhances the beauty of the room.

For houses on the ground, especially adjacent areas and villas, plastic – aluminum glass doors are not necessarily the optimal solution. With a tropical monsoon climate, the windows and glass walls can cause problems in case of hot weather or heavy rain. Perhaps the most appropriate is the line of shutters in the outer glazed windows.

The door usually consists of two layers: the outer layer of slatted wooden wings and the inner glass layer; In addition, to ensure safety, it is possible to reinforce a layer of art iron flowers in the middle.
This window line is quite expensive because it adds a layer of wooden shutters to the outside but at the same time can reduce the cost of curtains. The window in the outer glazing is suitable for large room spaces because there is often a layer of glass that opens inward, some homeowners can replace it with a push glass wall to make it neater.

The door ensures cool and airy in the summer, especially when it’s hot or rainy, as well as warm and bright in the winter. In addition, the wooden shutters will make the exterior architecture of the house more luxurious with common tones such as classic golden brown, traditional turquoise or modern white.
Looking out from the inside, many window frames and glass walls are designed by the architects to add a cushioned chair next to the wall to sit and read a book or enjoy the view more conveniently.
From the outside looking in, many windows are beautifully decorated with colorful flowers as a beautiful highlight of the house.

Each window frame is a colorful picture of the house, a place to harmonize the interior space inside and a large space of nature outside. Love and take care of the windows to make the house more beautiful, bright and airy.

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