Creative interior decoration ideas with neon lights

If you are looking for some unique and creative design ideas to “change the air” in your home, try using neon lights.
1. Create meaningful sentences

One of the most popular and easy ways to use neon lights in your home or neon-style led lights is to create text. The words are simple but will bring a warm feeling, creating a little more highlight for your home.
In fact, there are quite a few houses, even hotel and restaurant projects, that use this decoration. Therefore, this is considered a pretty good suggestion if you are looking to redecorate your home. With meaningful words like “Home”, “My family”, “Love”,… the house will become more lovely and familiar than ever. Thanks to that, you will have a more comfortable time when you come home after stressful working hours. In addition, if there is a lot of space, using neon lights to create quotes, lyrics of your favorite songs or simple images like the moon and stars are also great decoration ideas.

2. Highlight the furniture

Neon lights are often used to decorate spaces such as bars, cafes or tattoo parlors. However, you can completely use these colorful lights in your home and still bring a sense of luxury and uniqueness. The light emitted is very honest, uniform, does not cause glare and ensures safety for human health. At the same time, with flexible shaping capabilities and a variety of colors, neon lights will surprise you with a variety of beautiful and strange designs.
Currently, many modern architectural designs choose to decorate with neon lights to highlight the furniture. Typically, you equip neon lights bordering on pictures hanging on the wall. A small action but will help focus everyone’s eyes. What’s more, your art painting now also looks brighter, more unique and attractive. However, you also pay attention to choosing the style of the picture in accordance with the color of the neon lights.

For the main furniture in the house, neon lights should be arranged below to supplement light from the bottom up. To carry out this decoration, the lamp chosen is a neon light with a deep tone, hidden under the furniture. Thus, when lighting the lamp, the light will bounce up to create a very romantic and fanciful scene.

3. Under the stairs

With glass stairs or similar transparent materials, adding neon lights under each step both helps to illuminate this area and creates a unique style accent.

You can also easily increase the artistry of this idea by choosing a color that matches the main color of the surrounding space or using neon lights that change color. Get creative with lighting placement. Whether it’s the indoor stairs or the exterior walkways and railings, colorful neon lights will accentuate your home designs.

4. Futuristic Style

If you have a modern home entertainment room, or you’re simply a freelancer who works for hours at a computer, the combination of neon lights and Futuristic style will create a creative, efficient workspace. fruit. Parallel strips of green and yellow neon lights are reflected on the smooth surfaces of the tables and walls, creating a futuristic, fantasy space feel, as if you were traveling in space with an advanced spaceship. . This design can also be applied to a bedroom with dim lights or a mini bar area.
To save time and effort, you should rely on the help of design experts to realize ideas with neon lights. However, cost is also an issue to consider carefully before implementation. You should invest in the quality of the lights to ensure the safety and longevity of these lighting works.

5. Beautiful tones you should choose

In order to decorate the space to achieve the highest aesthetic effect, besides design ideas, the selection and color scheme of lights is also extremely important. So what colors should you choose? Warm tones such as yellow, pink purple, … will be very easy to blend into the spaces. As for light tones such as light white, cream colors will be suitable for narrow spaces to help create a feeling of openness, not being secretive, especially in the evening. However, when choosing decorative colors, it is recommended not to coordinate more than 3 colors, colors that have similarities, avoid excessive contrast that will make the overall look confused and deviant.

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