New Munch Museum of Contemporary Culture – Iconic Architecture

The future New Munch Museum is not only a facility for the protection and display of a fundamental heritage in the history and essence of Norwegian culture, but also for the development of the concept of a contemporary, nurtured museum. nurtured by the city’s highly significant role and historical responsibility as a cohesive element of the community, not only of Oslo but of the whole nation as a whole.
The museum’s vertical journey of discovery connects the covered public space of the foyer, which provides recreational, commercial, and cultural facilities with a terrace/observatory/club, but Along with exploring the work of Edvard Munch, offers different layers of Oslo’s history. However, there is much more to it: on this journey, visitors explore other types of facilities, namely restaurants and cafes, administrative offices, research libraries and education rooms , signifies the complexity of the program beyond the conventional idea of ​​the museum as a collection of exhibition spaces to be visited and a series of intangible dependencies from which the institution is managed .
The building is seriously committed to saving energy and respecting the natural environment, which Norwegians demand, with a holistic concept in which the structure, ventilation and building work together in accordance with the concept of the Passive Home. A minimal carbon footprint, sustainability, recyclability and maintainability make up a building process focused on experimentation and innovation. The facades, finished in perforated aluminum with varying degrees of transparency enhance the mysterious, sensual feeling of the building, responding to the mild stimuli generated by the Oslo climate, thus creating the images vary widely depending on the time of day; giant slide forms that operate 24 hours a day; the use of low emissivity recycled concrete and steel; These advancements give the building its avant-garde nature.
The New Munch Museum, which opens in the fall of 2021, will be a dynamic center for contemporary culture and for a public of different ages and interests (experts, students, tourists, art lovers) who hope to visit the facility periodically are drawn to the programs in a rich variety of formats.

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