What is Cloud VPS?  Advantages of Cloud VPS and How to to Choose Cloud VPS

Whether you’ve been in or around the web hosting business for the past few years, you may have heard of Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Cloud VPS hosting. This solution is a fastest growing type of VPS hosting. With the development of information technology, it is not difficult to find knowledge related to Cloud VPS. However, newcomers may face many obstacles when finding which information is useful. Therefore, the following article will explain what Cloud VPS is and why it gives its customers the edge over usual types of hosting.

What is Cloud VPS? 

Cloud VPS (Cloud Virtual Private Server) or Cloud Server is a form of virtual server on the cloud platform, used for purposes such as hosting for Web systems, Mail Server, or other needs. Each Cloud VPS is a system consisting of CPU, RAM, hard drive/storage, IP address and completely separate operating system. Cloud VPS works based on virtualization technology as its name implies, users can fully manage the server with root or administrator rights.

Cloud Server is used for many purposes depending on the needs of each business, including:

  • Providing multi-service website hosting: Forums, e-commerce website systems, websites with large traffic, … need a stable server system. Renting a Cloud Server is chosen to save investment costs compared to having to rent a physical server, but still have powerful server systems.
  • Creating virtual environments for programming, research: At companies that specialize in investing in scientific products such as software, applications, websites, etc. They also need to have their own storage space for their experimental applications and products.
  • Storing data: documents, images, videos: Companies specializing in image and video processing are also among the objects that need to use virtual servers the most.

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Key Advantages of Cloud VPS for your business 

Compared to traditional VPS hosting, Cloud VPS is considered as the most perfect and optimal solution for business, especially when you are running an online business. In particular, the advantages of Cloud VPS server are the combination of benefits of both VPS and Cloud hosting. Here are some key advantages that Cloud Server brings to users.

#1 Full-control and Easy Management  

This Cloud server gives users a freedom of what they want to install on their Cloud VPSs. In particular, users are able to install the operating system and control panel when Cloud VPS has root access. Further, users can install as many programs and applications as they want with no limitation. Also, you can also have access to your data and services from any corner of the planet (of course, there must be an Internet connection).

When you use Cloud VPS, users can be proactive in all situations, provided with a portal account, full rights to start, shut down, backup, and reinstall reasonably on the system.

#2 Affordability and cost-savings

Cloud VPS is not only a reliable solution, but also a low-cost one. In particular, most providers will let you customize your needs, whether you require a more powerful server only for an hour or need to increase your hard disk space for a day. Therefore, you will pay only for resources you use and all of them will be accurately figured out by a system. 

Further, when using Cloud VPS, you only pay part of the cost for the parameters you use (such as RAM, CPU, …). Businesses can upgrade or reduce capacity easily, thus saving service costs. 

#3 High level of security

This advantage is another area where cloud VPS mimic their dedicated counterparts. If you are comparing a Cloud VPS to a shared hosting, the security of VPS Cloud takes the cake. In the shared environment, users are given access to a  public pool of hosting provider resources, causing a lot of challenges from digital threat actors. While the Cloud VPS is more secure as it has isolated or dedicated RAM, CPU etc. Further, your data is also protected from malicious software and hackers’ attacks due to the fact that this server includes an in-built multi-tiered security mechanism.

#4 High Speed and Better Collaboration

For online visitors, a slot website may be the most annoying thing, so speed is considered as an essential part of the overall user experience. Thus, your website, app, or eCommerce store is required to provide what your customers want at the fastest possible speed. Fortunately, with Cloud, VPS be sure your competitors won’t get your customers. The website will run more significantly quickly because Cloud gives so many options and as it was written above you can also get additional resources anytime you want.

The whole data of yours is located in one place on the cloud, thereby making it easier to collaborate with the members of your team while working on a project or a separate document. It is possible to make work easier, more smooth and saves a lot of time needed in coordination.

How to choose Cloud VPS virtual server?

To choose a Cloud VPS to meet all your requirements of your business at an optimal cost seems to be the biggest desire of all users. With the majority of leading VPS providers using cloud infrastructure nowadays, picking out that one best host would be your biggest challenge.

  • Firstly, your application choice should depend on your operating system. For example, if the application is based on the background.NET, you should choose Cloud Windows. Otherwise, if the application is PHP then you choose Cloud Linux.
  • Secondly, based on the nature of the application to select to install the accompanying software such as webserver, mail server or virtual server management software such as Cpanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk.
  • Based on the scale of use: If you need to process a lot of mathematical operations (for example, accounting and statistical applications), you should choose a virtual server with multiple CPUs and large RAM. 
  • Lastly, you should choose one of the highest-rated names in the cloud-based VPS hosting arena. You should pay much attention to the reliability of their services and the competence and diligence of their support team.


From the information that we have just released, it can be seen that Cloud VPS is an optimal solution, with more performance, flexibility, and elasticity for years to come with a reasonable cost. That is why many present-day organizations choose VPS for hosting their website or application. So, don’t hesitate from quickly choosing the right Cloud VPS for your stable development of your business.

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