Top 5 cloud computing storage services currently you need to now

Cloud computing storage services are leading the trend of hosting services and internet users have certainly used or are using at least one of these cloud storage services. Not all cloud storage services offer the same set of features as well as the same level of security for your files. Thus, choosing the best cloud computing storage provider suitable for your work is not simple. In this article, we will recommend you Top 5 cloud computing storage services currently you need to know.

The concept of cloud computing storage service

To put it simply, whether you want to save important data files or personal data files, back up your files, share them with other folks, or collaborate on a piece of work, … a cloud computing storage service provided by a third party or cloud storage will help you. The data sent here will be permanently backed up on the server of that cloud service provider.

These services may be free or paid. Most providers using cloud storage services will free a certain amount of space for you to use. You only pay when you want to use more external storage or use other premium terms.

Cloud computing is increasingly popular and interesting by many service providers, cloud technology is widely applied in personal storage as well as storage for businesses, typically the cloud hosting.

If you are looking to buy a storage space on this platform, please refer to check out our top 5 best cloud computing storage services below.

Top 5 cloud computing storage services currently you need to now

#1. Dropbox – Best for compatibility and simplicity: Old but still good

Dropbox is considered as the best cloud computing storage service for compatibility and simplicity (Link ảnh)

Dropbox came first and is always one of the biggest names in cloud storage, so it’s no wonder that so many of us have Dropbox accounts. Initially, Dropbox users will be offered 2GB of free storage, but it can be increased to 16GB if you refer Dropbox to a friend to join or link to social media.

The point that helps Dropbox win the most customers’ hearts is automatically updating and backing up data. When your files are saved to Dropbox, the service will automatically save them to your phone, computer, and on the Dropbox website as well. In case you haven’t saved it yet, don’t worry too much, because these files will automatically save without affecting your work.

When using the Dropbox service, you also easily share documents for different users, thereby helping to capture the work situation and work in groups more effectively. This application is suitable for office work with saving light files such as excel or word.

Dropbox is also the leading online storage service trusted by many bloggers, according to website owners, most of their information and documents are stored on Dropbox and they feel secure with the security system of this service as well as the professional service process.

Lastly, Dropbox shines for its sheer simplicity. In particular, you can use it on almost any platform you care to name. If you value simple, fast, and easy, Dropbox should be your first choice.


  • Convenient, easy to use.
  • Support multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, linux, iOS, Android…).


  • Low storage capacity of only 2GB.
  • Cannot meet the high management needs of users due to excessive simplicity.

#2 Google Drive – Best for business and Chromebook users

Google Drive – Best for business and Chromebook users.

Google Drive is a cloud service provided by Google. If you have a Google account, then you already have 15GB of free storage available to you in Google Drive. You can use this to back up documents, photos, videos, stories, as well as anything else you want to keep safe. It’s good enough that a lot of businesses and Chrome users are now using it as their complete cloud-based office.

The advantage of this cloud service is that the download and upload speed is quite fast. In particular, with large files via Gmail, you can attach a link from Google Drive and choose the sharing mode. Whether it’s for work or personal storage, Google Drive offers many very good utilities, so most people own a Google Drive. Therefore, Google Drive has become one of the effective teamwork tools of many businesses and organizations today.

If you need more storage, you can pay $2 per month or $20 a year for 100GB or $3 a month or $30 a year, you get 200GB via Google One service. Further, you can share your storage with up to five other people with all these plans.


  • Simple and clean interface.
  • Easy to open files on another device, plus apps for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Being an affordable cloud storage service.
  • Integration with Google search.


  • No end-to-end encryption

#3 OneDrive – Best for Microsoft users

OneDrive – Best cloud storage service for Microsoft users.

OneDrive was formerly known as SkyDrive. This is Microsoft’s online cloud storage service. When you sign up for OneDrive, you will get 5GB of free storage. You can expand your storage further when you sync photos on mobile devices or refer friends.

Because this is an application developed by Microsoft. OneDrive has built-in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 versions. OneDrive also has similarities like Dropbox service, but is not as flexible as it is due to limitations and ability to sync on other devices.

Features included in OneDrive comprise automatic photo backups, advanced search facilities, mobile and web access to OneDrive, plus the Files On-Demand settings that can keep files stored solely online rather than taking up space on your device.


  • Best choice for users who are using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.
  • Deep integration with Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365
  • Can free up space on your devices
  • Excellent for file sharing


  • No native Linux support
  • Only 5GB free storage

#4 Apple iCloud – Competitively priced cloud storage service and best for Apple users

Apple iCloud – Competitively priced cloud storage service and best for Apple users (link ảnh) 

iCloud is the cloud computing storage service of Apple Computer Inc. iCloud provides users with 5GB of free storage. In particular, you can use iCloud to automatically back up all data from your Apple devices onto its servers. A good feature with said free storage that anything you buy from the iTunes Store doesn’t count against your storage limit.

However, if you want to back up your iPhone to iCloud, you need more space. But compared to other parties’ prices, iCloud prices are much more competitive and reasonable.

The Mac Finder application is integrated on iCloud Drive so you can store any file you want. Services provided by iCloud can allow users to add, delete, and sync typical data files. Windows users can also sync with iCloud Drive using other official apps and visit the iCloud website to use the iWork app.


  • Free 5GB with any Apple device
  • Works hand-in-glove with iWorks
  • Friendly interface
  • Automatic backups from apps


  • Only for Apple devices
  • Stingy 5GB of free storage
  • Has had technical problems

#5 MEGA – The most free storage with end-to-end encryption

MEGA – The most free storage with end-to-end encryption.

New Zealand based MEGA has only operated for 5 years, the number of people who have registered and used the MEGA service has more than 80 million and stored billions of files. This is a generous cloud storage service that when you sign up for MEGA you get 50GB of storage without any premium feature limits.

Since its launch in 2013, MEGA has been appreciated for its extremely secure encryption with 2048 bit RSA technology. All data on MEGA is encrypted. The data is only encrypted when it is on your receiving device. The file sharing feature is also secured. It comes with a decryption key. You can freely share files publicly on the network, but without the decryption key, access is useless, you need to contact you to access.

MEGA is estimated as fast, easy to use and good value if you need to store masses and masses of data in the cloud.


  • 15GB+ free storage
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Easy to use


  • Used to be 50GB free
  • High-capacity plans available

The wrap

In this list, we recommend you Top 5 best cloud computing storage services, but there are other good-quality providers that didn’t make the list., pCloud, SecureSafe, … are others all have their strengths. However, this above list may meet fully your basic needs such as data storage, online backup and document collaboration. Do not hesitate to leave your own personal cloud computing storage reviews in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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