How to manage your stress

Astrid Richardsen and Stig Berge at the Business School BI Matthisen of Norway has prepared 10 research-based advice that can help managers resolve the tensions at work. Let’s find out together!

• Identify the source of stress at work. Knowledge can help to implement measures to assess stress management becomes easier.
• Advanced knowledge of extensive stress. The various conditions of stress interact with each other how? What can be done about it?
• Have a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you have enough time to rest and sleep, exercise and a healthy diet.
• Learn to relax and unwind. Muscle relaxation, meditation can tell you his body had been really relaxing.
• Manage your time more efficiently. Determine the “thief” time, and try to get rid of them.
• Strengthening and fostering the skills of employees. In this way you will take yourself less pressure, trust the work will be done well by its employees.
• Establish relationships to support you. If you have someone to ask for help and support when you need it? Anyone can listen to both joy and sorrow of you? Support from the community in everyday life is also very important for the manager.
• Planning for your career. For the manager, a job or job commitments is best to complete before maturity. Maintaining a job for too long can lead to stress or fatigue unnecessary.
• Move the work in time. Perform the switch while you still control a good job and the stress associated with it.
• Search from outside a professional help if the job became too stressful, tiring. The tensions at work sometimes can leave serious consequences, both for the people who suffered directly and who the people around.

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