How to optimize the development in children

One of the most important factors for the development of the brain is to have an impact in physical training. All activities from crawling, crawling, climbing and walking can help children grow not only physically but also intellectually. Please find out the following.

How should children be motivated to develop in an optimal way?

Types of motor skills
Their motor skills are divided into two categories, including gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Crude movement is a combination of large muscle groups in the arms, torso, legs, and feet. The activities of this skill include flipping, crawling, sitting, pulling, pushing, jumping, running, etc. This is a rudimentary innate skill of the child.

Fine motion requires a combination of organs such as muscles, bones and nerves to perform small and precise actions. For example, fingers are bunched up to pick up objects, cut with scissors, hold pens and write, stack toys, etc. This is a skill developed through practice and teaching.

Both should note both skills. The sooner you start, the better your baby’s brain will be.

Helping children develop “gross motor skills”
Provide opportunities for children to play outside in rain or shine. If it is sunny, parents can take their children to park or playgrounds outdoors. If it rains, let the children shower themselves near the house with you. Do not worry too much that your baby may have a cold, just do not let the baby shower for too long, and do the hygiene measures after the child’s play is complete, the health of the child will still be guaranteed.

Leo staircase is also one of the first years of life. At 12 months old, he began to enjoy limbs by climbing, clinging to go to work. If he likes to climb the stairs, the whole family help him by following him step by step. Do not forbid children, because by climbing the stairs, children learn to balance the counter-balance, improve balance and balance the bone growth to stimulate optimal development.

Cycling: Do not skip this form of coordination to improve your baby’s coordination. This is one of the ways to help children develop effective height. You should give your child a helmet, not only to protect the child but also to familiarize children with social rules.

Swimming: This sport is one that offers many positive benefits to the cardiovascular system, increases the length of the spine and helps to grow, increasing the energy level so that the lungs work well.

Help children develop “fine motor skills”
Encourage activities that use the ingenuity of the hands:

With baby’s little hands, games like door knobs, as well as dressing up dolls, pet and button set, button presses, pulling buckles are also activities to improve your motor skills. Baby food.

Instruct children to play simple puzzle games with blocks of rounded blocks of different colors for children to distinguish and assemble their cognitive skills.

Have your children learn to flip books when reading fairy tales for children. Flip-flops make your baby’s hand look better and the shapes in the book will attract the baby to learn and remember, increasing the focus of the child.

Keeping the baby in the book helps the baby develop effective mental activity

Creative hands-on activities:
Enhance spatial awareness and problem-solving skills for children’s brain through manual drawing and cutting. Not only that, this is a great way to develop the thinking and artistic perception of children.

Try to help your baby grow and let him free and trip, free to work in the control of everyone with the most. Do not be afraid to prevent children from promoting their full potential since childhood. Brain and kidney development are particularly rapid during the 0 to 6 age period, keeping in mind the timeline and any conditions for the child to practice.

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