Laos’s journey: watching the sunset on top of Phou Si

I came to Luang Prabang one afternoon after I had a tourist trip from Nong Khiaw. Luang Prabang is a very famous tourist city of Laos, located on the banks of the romantic Mekong River, a place that my friends share that is very comfortable and wonderful to watch the sunset.

However, after I started looking for a hotel to rest, I suddenly realized that this place is not quite as comfortable as I imagined. The main reason is because I have not booked hotel since before, so when it came to coincide with the holiday of Laos anymore, so most of the hotels here are already full room. Otherwise, the price is also increased by more than 50% compared to normal.

 Fortunately, I also found myself a beautiful hotel, with reasonable price. After eating late lunch and arranging for luggage, I went out of the hotel and asked for directions to the Mekong River to watch the sunset. The atmosphere here is really pleasant, and I suddenly discovered that the Mekong here is very different from the first time I saw a boat in Huay Xai. Also a river, but the beauty in each place is different, and I am really excited to start exploring here.

Then, I arrived at the ferry terminal where I had a date with two friends named Chris and Dolf – these two friends with me spent a great time at Muang Ngoi Neua. We discussed and planned our trip here, and planned to go out for a meal in a cozy riverside restaurant and finish the day with a few bottles of Lao beer.

Watch the sunset from Mount Phou Si

The next day our travel plans were changed, when Chris and Dolf wanted to come to the Field of Jars in Phonsavan, and I decided to skip this place. I would like to stay in Luang Prabang for two more days, so I rented a bicycle to visit the city for a bit.

After visiting several temples, and the market I discovered an interesting gym here, and decided to visit in the evening. Finally, as planned yesterday, I decided to climb Mount Phou Si to watch the sunset.

When you reach the top of the mountain you will encounter a beautiful temple called Wat Chomsi, from here you will zoom 360-degree panoramic view around. Some tourists come to me and say that you have to come here early to have a good sightseeing location, otherwise it would be very crowded.

I climb to the top of the mountain when the sun is still high, find yourself a pleasant cliff, I sit down and wait for the sunset. As time went by, I was quite surprised to see so many tourists coming. I was glad I had arrived early so I could get a perfect seat for sightseeing. .

Although the sunset here is not the best of what I have seen in many different places, but when the last light of the day shines down the river below, I suddenly find myself extremely inflamed. It’s hard to describe this¬†sense of peace.

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