Skills to help children avoid the kidnapping

The fact that kidnappings are regularly occurring on websites makes parents anxious for the safety of their children. Prevention is better than cure! Instead of always worrying, you should actively educate your child’s parenting skills to avoid kidnapping following.

Do not let strangers know your name
Strangers will easily gain the trust of children when they talk to their names, but this can lead to unfortunate consequences. Therefore, you should not include children’s names in personal belongings such as books, shoes.

Include family and children’s phone numbers on children’s belongings, in case of lost or stolen belongings.

Do not follow strangers
Do not climb the car, ride any car unless the parents have told the child to do so. Also, stay away from those who are “walking,” whether they are walking or riding a motorbike / car. Children do not need to be near any strange car to talk to. do not know.

Set a personal password between the child and the loved one
Kidnappers often identify themselves as their parents’ acquaintances. You should teach your child simple questions about his / her personal information and include a personal password when approached by strangers.

Only communicate with people who are familiar and have a family password

Set up a family password and teach your child to use the password in certain situations (for example, when you need someone to pick up your child at school, that person needs to know the family password).

No gifts from strangers
Absolutely not receive food, drinks, gifts from strangers anywhere. These often contain narcotics to help children lose consciousness to easily carry out abduction.

Install tracking app
At present, there are many types of children’s phones available for receiving calls from certain numbers and GPS. Thanks to the GPS function, parents can easily track the child’s exact location. This will help the police search for the child in the worst case scenario.

Move in the direction of the stranger’s car
Always remind children not to step on cars, motorcycles of strangers. In addition, you need only the child to run in the opposite direction of the car strangers want to reach the child. \

Wear an item with an emergency button
You can have children wear emergency items such as watches, keys, necklaces, bracelets. When a child feels danger, just press the button, the urgent message will be sent to parents.

Shouted loudly, clearly and repeatedly
Teach your child to react strongly and fiercely when a stranger grabs her. Children can bite, kick, scratch, texture, and cause attention to the surrounding people by constantly shouting loudly.

Children should shout the content with a clear message: “I do not know this person! He / she is kidnapping me. “

Keep safe distance and limit contact with strangers
Most children know they should not contact strangers. In case of necessity, you need to teach children to answer short, compact and quickly end the conversation.

Limit chat time less than 10 seconds and always keep a safe distance (over 2m) with strangers.

Children should not be exposed to strangers outside the street

Do not let strangers know they are home alone
If the stranger calls the door and does not answer, the child is not allowed to open the door. In addition, children should not tell strangers that children are home alone, whether it is friends of parents, neighbors, or strangers.

If he or she continues to wait and tries to prolong the conversation, the child should immediately call the parents.

When at home alone, children do not let strangers know

Avoid using elevators with strangers
Teach your child to always lean against the wall during the month so he or she can see the actions of the people around him. If a stranger enters the lift when the child is alone, it is best for the child to pretend to forget something and step outside.

If the stranger tries to persuade the child to walk into the elevator, he must answer: “My parents told me to just take the elevator alone or go with the neighbors!”

Do not volunteer to meet friends directly on the Internet
Be alerted that kidnappers can now search for “prey” on the internet. Talking to strangers online can put children in danger. Always remember that family, personal information such as home address, phone number, name is not allowed and absolutely not allowed to meet people who we’re dating via to¬†internet.

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